Sunday, December 4

The Clockwork Universe

watch wheels and cogs

I know not why the universe exists, but I do not desist from seeing how it is modified; I do not cease to see the intimate agreement by which the beings that compose it render a mutual help.

I am like a man who should see for the first time an open watch, who should not cease to admire the workmanship of it, although he knows not the use of the machine, and has never seen dials. "I do not know," he would say, "what all this is for, but I see each piece is made for the others. I admire the worker in the detail of his work, and I am very sure that all these wheel-works only go thus in concert for a common end which I cannot perceive."

Jean-Jacques Rousseau 1712- 1778

I think this is how I feel as well: I'm not absolutely sure what the Universe is all about, but I hope that we are all working in concert for a common end - though, at times, it doesn't seem this way. I am sure though that we all have an essential role within our Clockwork Universe.

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  1. I totally agree with what you have posted here Mike.To me it is obvious that the universe is working like a clockwork type mechanism and there does seem to be a purpose to every living thing in it...what that is I don't really know either.
    But as you say,at times...well often actually,it doesn't seem that way.
    For instance,I have a subnormal brother who is one year older than me.
    He is still in nappies (diapers) and can't talk.My parents have changed his pants for pretty much 48 years straight.If I needed an excuse to see life as cruel I need look no further than him.
    I would like nothing more than to believe life is over once you die and it is just an eternal sleep,end of never wake up.
    That I could live to speak.-)
    My experiences point to anything but,fortunately or unfortunately.
    Life can be wondrous,but it can also be unbearably cruel too.
    I see it from both sides every day and no doubt you and your readers do as well.That's the trouble with being human,bad things will happen,that's a given.
    We know that when we take to the playing field of life.We hope for a good game,but we are well aware that we can be beaten or hurt very badly.
    We just have to play the best we can on the team we are put on,and make the best of our scoring opportunities.
    But remember the game always looks different when viewed from the grandstand.Up there you see the whole playing field at once and get to see what the game is all about .-)

  2. Rousseau's words resonate for me, too. The clockwork universe: now that's a good title, Mike, for something!