Saturday, December 3

Was The Robin A Message From His Dead Grandmother

robin bird
A story today from Steven from Chester that perhaps illustrates how our loved ones keep in touch after they have moved on from this world.

My grandmother, who has now passed away, was at the top of the family tree for the best part of fifty years.

In her last few years she could barely recognise her children, so knowing who her grandchildren were was a reach too far. I stopped visiting her after her 90th birthday as I wanted to remember her as she was.

I really regret never saying goodbye to her. I only realised this on the day of her funeral. The whole family, together for the first time in years, had turned out wearing something red in tribute to her favourite colour. Red socks, ties, handkerchiefs and even red hair.

After the funeral service we travelled on to the crematorium just a short drive away.  As we entered the chapel, a robin red breast was flying over by the far window. When everyone was seated, the little bird flew straight over to the minister and sat on his table.

The minister spoke to the little bird as it sat very calmly beside him before it launched into the air and flew over the congregation to perch on a shelf up in the ceiling.

With the small distraction over, grandmother's final journey got under way with a short service.  When the service was over we all stood up and began to leave.

I glanced up to the shelf to see the little bird still gazing down on everyone. Was it admiring everyone's red plumage?

Was it just a coincidence a robin had joined us for the service? I'd like to think that grandmother came to see us all one final time. So maybe I did get to say goodbye after all.

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  1. I'm a strong believer in this "coincidence" A similar thing happened to me after the death of 2 close family members. In this case, one particular bird appeared in my garden, joined shortly after by another. That was a few years ago and they're still with me now.

  2. I like these sort of stories as they help me to believe that the dead are still not completely out of touch. I admit to sometimes being scared that there might not be an afterlife. Your posts on this lift me up - thanks.

  3. What a beautiful story. It's got all the classic hallmarks of spirit communication.

  4. I would tell Steven from Chester that this comment is incorrect, "With the small distraction over, grandmother's final journey got under way with a short service."

    Grandmother's journey was underway before the red-breasted robin appeared. It was the tribute to her life she was there to appreciate and the journey forth of everyone at the service she was there to admire.

  5. I've been the recipient of many bird Synchros / messages in my life,some I have written up on my blog and have placed relevant photos if I had them.
    My mother said an owl flew onto her clothes line and stayed there just looking at her for a while before it took off on the day,or day after Grandma had died.
    Mum believed it was a message from my Grandmother.
    I personally have had no signs or contact that I can link to my Grandmother,although it is my strong belief that she lives on somewhere beyond my senses anyway.

    There's a blog called
    "Memories to Cherish" written by Jeni about her syncs with cardinals as a sign from her sister Mary who has passed over.
    Some readers here might find it worth a visit.

    I have found these bird synchros to be rewarding regardless of who or what is sending them though,and would encourage readers to go with your heart in these matters.