Wednesday, December 21

Watership Down Development Coincidence

Watership Down rabbits

There are often coincidences in literature. Many authors rely on them to spice up or make a story work. But here's a real life coincidence about the Watership Down classic novel.

Watership Down's author Richard Adams writes, in the first chapter, of how the rabbits encounter a new sign or hoarding that says: "This ideally situated estate, comprising six acres of excellent building land, is to be developed with high class modern residences by Sutch and Martin, Limited, of Newbury, Berkshire."

The track of land that was to be developed by the ficticious Sutch and Martin was at Sandleford Warren. The book Watership Down was first published in 1972.

Now author Richard Adams writes, "In a truly nasty coincidence, that self same stretch of land, at Sandleford Park, just outside Newbury, has, in real life, been earmarked for residential development by West Berkshire Council."

The area is one of natural beauty and open countryside on the edge of Newbury, England.

In Richard's opinion, "The whole of Sandleford comprises part of the beautiful area of open country that is adjacent to the south side of Newbury. To use planning jargon, it constitutes a 'green lung' for the borough of Newbury, and it is vital, in the public interest, that it should remain in its present unspoilt state, protected by Town and Country planning law."

In parts of England we have some beautiful countryside but bit by bit it is being taken over for various types of development. We can't let this continue, especially while there are many brownfield sites that could be developed instead.

The planners and profit makers will only listen if we raise our voices loud enough to be heard.

Watership Down

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  1. This isn't just happening in England,Mike.
    The same thing is happening in Australia,too.
    It's a worry.
    Sometimes I think humans are the world's termites.

  2. Great synchro, but sad. This same thing is happening everywhere, I think. In Florida, the governor would love to pour concrete over the Everglades and build, build, build.

  3. good one mike and agree that we are destroying the countryside