Thursday, December 22

The Double Rainbow Falls Into Place Perfectly

a double rainbow

It's interesting how some days things fall into place.  Last night I was talking to someone and the subject of double rainbows was mentioned.  I said that I couldn't remember ever seeing one.

Today my wife and I had to go to the local shops, about a 15 minutes walk.  It was a rough day weather wise. The rain had been real cats and dogs stuff and the wind was doing what it does best: blowing.  We resisted the temptation to take the car and set off wearing raincoats and carrying an umbrella.

Just as I was locking our front door.  I rushed back inside to get my camera, no idea why, but felt I might need it despite the awful conditions.  My wife thought I was nuts, but nothing unusual there!

We bought what we needed and were walking home when it bucketed down but in the sky was a rainbow.  I got out my camera and snapped the photo below. Nothing very special, but at least I could say to Karin, "See, I did need the camera." It's nice to be right (occasionally!).

A rainbow over a railway bridge

We went about another twenty yards or so and there it was, the rainbow had been joined by a friend: a double rainbow.  There were houses in the way to get a good picture but I managed to stand on a wall and snap my first double rainbow pic - as at the top of the post - while Karin held the umbrella and our shopping.

When we got home Karin said that she didn't really feel like cooking and at the precise moment the phone rang.  It was our son wondering if we would like come over for dinner. Perfect.

P.S. I'm sure that everyone has seen the viral double rainbow video, it's had 31m hits, but just in case you haven't here it is.

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  1. I've never seen a double rainbow either, good that you had your camera with you. As for the video, which I hadn't seen before, the word 'orgasmic' came to mind!

  2. Follow those gut feelings Mike.
    And the trip will get a lot weirder, trust me.
    And hang on to that camera and you'll have more posts like these.
    That's why I like my
    camera/phone,people don't think you're too insane if you can back it up with a picture.-)

  3. Sounds as if you were in the flow all day, Mike. Your photos came out great. We saw a double rainbow once, over the dog park. It's like a confirmation or something that you're headed in the right direction.

  4. Anonymous17:39

    I've seen a double rainbow a couple of times and once, on a flight from London to Belfast a couple of years ago, I saw a circular rainbow with the shadow of the plane in the middle. Incredible sight!

  5. i saw a double last year when in wales but i didn't have a camera with me. it looked awesome over the mountains

  6. I videotaped a double rainbow in New Jersey as it was shortly before our family move to Oregon. I did a lot of video taping that spring because the girls were not thrilled about the move. (Understatement!)

    Only a few months later I videotaped a double rainbow from our new home in Oregon but my new neighbors were less than impressed as rainbows, even doubles, are rather common here since. But even 15 years later I still get a thrill!