Wednesday, January 18

Creation And Destruction Of The Earth

Not sure why I thought about this, but it's strange how in the beginning the earth was created in six days - and God rested on the seventh.  According to Genesis in the Bible, that is.  One problem with this (well, lots really) there wouldn't have been any 'days' until the sun and moon were created.

Also God created light and darkness - day and night - on the first day but, again, there was no sun or moon.

It always interests me how some people take the Bible as being, erm, gospel.

I suppose the argument would be that a day in the beginning wasn't a day as we know it.  It was much, much longer - a period of time. Someone, years ago, who reckoned he knew all about this sort of stuff, said a day was actually a thousand years.  "Why a thousand years?" I asked.  Great rumblings and mutterings and, "Because it was", was the answer.

But everything goes in cycles or periods of time (as we know it). Occultists talk of Cosmic Days, we are supposedly in the fifth - but maybe we are moving into the sixth, and this is what the Maya calender is really all about.

It won't be the end of the earth or mankind, but a new beginning, a shift in consciousness. It would be nice to think so.

According to James Redfield the Mayan calender illustrates a time scale showing the nine Steps of Creation.  It is the ninth step that ends in 2012 - the first step beginning about 16 billion years ago when the universe was created.  All very simplistic.

A more fanciful approach was taken by José Argüelles in The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology. He claims that on August 13, 3113 BC the Earth began a passage through a galactic synchronization beam that emanated from the center of our galaxy, that it would pass through this beam during a period of 5200 tuns (Maya cycles of 360 days each), and that this beam would result in total synchronization and galactic entrainment of individuals plugged into the Earth's electromagnetic battery by December 21, 2012. He believed that the Maya aligned their calendar to correspond to this phenomenon. So there you go.

There's lots of doom and gloom and fanciful stories on the Internet, books on the subject of 2012 abound - well they would be, it's a lucrative market.

I think that Karl Kruszelnicki in Great Moments in Science gets nearest to what I feel will happen on 21 Dec 2012 - a new calender will commence.

Kruszelnicki writes: "…when a calendar comes to the end of a cycle, it just rolls over into the next cycle. In our Western society, every year 31 December is followed, not by the End of the World, but by 1 January. So in the Mayan calendar will be followed by – or good-ol’ 22 December 2012, with only a few shopping days left to Christmas."

No doubt this isn't as exciting. I feel that man will continue to grow spiritually and will one day go on to inhabit other planets, just as the first settlers of our age travelled to North America, Australia and so on. Hopefully, being of improved consciousness, they will treat any 'natives' they may find on these planets with more respect than we did with the likes of the Native Americans and the Australian Aborigines. Or will it be us that is more 'native' like in comparison?

In the meantime let's try to make this place and time a better place and time for everyone.

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  1. I wouldn't be too concerned about an end of the world scenario,but maybe it will make people take stock of what they have to be grateful for in their life.
    I see 2012 as a wake up call to humanity,because if we don't change the game plan soon,then not long down the track it will be Game Over!

    And I'm not talking about the Global Warming scam doing the rounds either.
    We need to become custodians of the planet and not just consumers of the planet.
    I like Daniel Pinchbeck's take on 2012 and his books on the subject.That resonates with me quite well.

  2. Darren: I have no concerns about 2012. I guess all of the talk and speculation won't do any harm. It may just get people, who wouldn't have otherwise done so, thinking about spiritual issues and even about us being 'custodians of the planet' as you mention.

    I'm with you on Global Warming - a lot is inspired by money, look at the interests some of the pushers of the theory have.

  3. I don't have any worries about 2012 either. I like the idea of moving to other planets. I can imagine my dad saying, "Why would you want to go there? You haven't seen all of earth yet." I've had Jehovah Witnesses on my door today telling me about the end of the world but I remembered your articles on them. I've got a day off work today and it's great!

  4. I think it's all intriguing, this 2012 stuff. Hype sells books. But the end of an astrological cycle, which is what the Mayans predicted, is a consciousness wake-up call.

  5. Trish: Let's hope we all 'wake-up' and thanks Suzie.

  6. I personally hope the wake up of awareness grants the new generation entering school more mysteries to explore than just passing benchmark tests.