Monday, January 16

A Mouse Leads To An Arrest For Rape

Paul Kunzler
I was told about this story last month but didn't follow it up because, though it's quite bizarre, I didn't want to make light of the subject of rape. But, on second thoughts, it does show how bizarre happenings can bring about justice. As is often said, everything happens for a reason.

This happened in, what I understand to be, a shared house in Taylorsville, USA.

One of the housemates, for some inexplicable reason, tried to shoot a mouse - inside the house, in the kitchen - with a 9mm handgun. Unbelievable.

Now that's the trouble with firearms in the wrong hands, the bullet from the gun somehow went right through the kitchen wall and into the bathroom, where it hit another housemate in the chest. The police and medics were called about the 'accidental' shooting.

Police Sgt Tracy Wyant was at the scene and is quoted as saying, "After the gun was fired, both the roommate and Paul heard a scream."

Paul, as mentioned by the Police Officer, was another housemate. His full name being Paul Daniel Kunzler, aged 34.

The injured man was taken to hospital and Sgt Wyant said that alcohol had been involved in the incident.

A search of the property was carried out and the Police discovered a 13 year old girl hiding in a basement closet. According to a jail report, the girl said she had 'sneaked out of her house, without her father's knowledge', to see Paul Kunzler.

The result is that Paul Daniel Kunzler was arrested and booked into the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of two counts of rape of a child, three counts of sodomy of a child and three counts of sexual abuse of a child.

If it wasn't for the mouse, and the bizarre shooting, the alleged abuse may not have come to light.

It makes you think, doesn't it?

The photo of Kunzler is via the Salt Lake County Jail.

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  1. Bizarre story, but I'm glad they got the guy. It does make you wonder who's in charge!

  2. Trish: Who is in charge (or what) is a good question. Strange how life works out at times.

  3. Weird story but if he is guilty I'd cut his bits off.