Monday, February 13

The Peaty Smokiness Of The Islay Whiskey Coincidence

Sign for Islay Whiskey

We went into Truro yesterday morning, about 15 miles from where we live in Cornwall, and saw the above sign outside of a wine merchants as we entered the city. We could have made our way into the city centre by several different routes and could, therefore, have easily missed the sign.

"So?" you might ask.

Well, the day before yesterday we were talking to the man who brings us any spare eggs he has over from his chickens. He normally leaves them by our door and we pay for them when we see him. The day before yesterday we bumped into him as he was taking his dog for a walk. We got chatting.

Islay map
Somehow we got onto the subject of alcohol. We said we didn't drink much but often liked a glass of wine or two at the weekends. I mentioned that I also enjoy whiskey, in small amounts.

I told him about a whiskey that my late friend had brought back from somewhere in Scotland. It was the best I'd ever tasted as it had a definite smokey, almost peat like taste. But I had no idea what it was called or from what part of Scotland it came from.

"Ah!" said the egg man, "That'll be from the island of Islay."

He went on to tell us that when visiting Islay he bought a plot of land there - a very small plot! Only about one foot square. He did this as it entitled him to earn interest of one glass of Islay whiskey for every year he kept the plot. So if he went again in five years time he could enjoy his 'interest' of five glasses of the distinctive whiskey.

So the coincidence or synchronicity is that the day after speaking to the egg man I see a sign for the very same Islay whiskey. It's about two and a half times more expensive than a standard whiskey - and it's not for those that want to drink it with cola - but the distinctive taste makes it an enjoyable treat - if you like whiskey that is.

I took the photo yesterday of Truro Cathedral from the river, on a cold but bright winter's day - and it's a long way from Islay one of the Inner Hebridean Islands of Scotland.

Truro Cathedral Cornwall

Be Drink Aware

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  1. I like the reminder that a good whiskey can take as long to create, and be as awesome as - a cathedral. It's all a matter of perception and those are always valid.

  2. i know islay whiskey and agree that its a nice drop of spirit. haven't been there but tried it when in scotland

  3. Great synchro, invovling a whiskey of all things. I'm always amazed at how varied synchronicities can be. I like Terri's observation!

  4. Therese, Tom and Trish - thanks. I guess, Terri, that many things are awesome - and all we have is our perceptions.