Sunday, April 8

The Arch Of Daffodils

Daffodils in Cornwall

As it is Easter Sunday I thought I'd give a UK charity a plug: Macmillan Cancer Support.

The photo I took shows an arch of daffodils near to where I live in Cornwall which has been planted in support of Macmillan. The green space alongside a main road is now a riot of yellow with a few flecks of white thanks to those who planted the bulbs for charity.

This is how Macmillan describe their work: "One in three of us will get cancer and it’s the toughest thing most of us will ever face. If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, or a loved one has, you’ll want a team of people in your corner supporting you every step of the way. We provide practical, medical and financial support and push for better cancer care. We are Macmillan Cancer Support."

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  1. Macmillan do such good work, they helped the mother of one of my friends and I always support what they do. Love the picture.

  2. Beautiful photo and sentiment! Happy Easter!

  3. I can only imagine the wonderful scent of the flowers. Will check online concerning donation information. Thanks Mike.

  4. Thank you Suzie, Trish and Dixie. Hope Easter Sunday went well.