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The Druid Secret Alphabet Perhaps Used In Atlantis

Book of Ballymote 1390 in Ogham alphabet
Book of Ballymote - 1390AD - showing Ogham Language
There are occultists who claim that the alphabet of Ogham or Ogam may have been the written language of Atlantis. It is also said to be the secret language of the Druids. But is any of this true?

As far as I have seen there is no real connection between Ogham and Atlantis but there are connections with the Druids.

Ogam has been described as the Tree Language of the Druids. Each of the twenty-five letters (as seen on the left)  is associated with a specific tree. B with birch, L with rowan, F with alder, S with willow and so on.

The term Druid can be translated as 'forest sage' or 'magician' but the most likely meaning is 'wise person of the oak'. So a link there with Ogham.

What we can say for sure is that the alphabet was embraced in the Celtic culture of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England (Cornwall) and the Isle of Man dating from between the 4th and 7th centuries AD. There are said to be 300-500 Ogham inscriptions on stone monuments throughout Ireland and western Britain.

The Druids sometimes carve Ogham letters onto their wands.

The photo below shows an example of the alphabet used on a stone from Armagh, Ireland - known as the Drumconwell Ogham Stone, probably from about the year 400AD.

Drumconwell Ogham Stone

To encode a message or secret words in Ogham is quite easy.  Simply draw a vertical line and transpose letters into Ogham strokes.  There is one problem to this though as in the alphabet there are missing letters: J, K, P, W, X, Y and Z. So have to be careful as to what words are used.

Forgot to say that Ogham is believed to be named after the Gaulish god of Speech, Ogamus or Ogma.

Ogham Book of Ballymote 1390
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  1. Fascinating. The Druids are so mysterious. In my mind, I always see hooded figures performing magical rituals.

    1. I always associate Druids with Stonhenege in my mind.

  2. Like these sort of secret bits. Never heard of Ogham before, I can imagine it being used for magic.

    1. There seems to be quite a few different scripts used in (real) magic.

  3. Very nice article. Certainly Ogham is one of the preferred divination tools by many modern Druids. We did a series of articles about the Ogham in Keltria Journal back in the 1990's. You can find a number of them on our website,

  4. I went to the diamond crater vortex in Arkansas today and found a rock with with distinctive markings similar to this script. Lemurian seed crystals and Atlantean record marker crystals are also found there... that's how I ended up here... synchronicity. It's all connected, thanks for the bit of info! :-)

  5. Anonymous14:50

    OG of Bashan was a giant. Considered having an unknown amount of fallen angel DNA. Ogham is the combination name meaning Of of the family line of Ham. In early Messopotamia you find Augurs who were the wise men and prophets. Agur branch of the same root people were the Magi who leaned more toward magic than the prophetic. Even today the periodic table of minerals AU is for Gold AG is for Silver. I am of the Augur root who became Celts and Gauls, and eventually Vikings and Germanic tribes. We are somehow connected to Gilgamesh who was on the king's list and who had an enemy named Ager or Augur whom he defeated in a personal fight, according to Gilgamesh.