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Medieval Cornish Huer's Hut Without The Hue And Cry

Newquay Cornwall beaches

It was my wife's birthday last week (28th March) so we went to Newquay on Cornwall's north coast for the day and for a nice meal. The rest of the family were working, so we saw them in the evening.

It was a glorious day for late March with blue sky and lots of sunshine. More like summer than early Spring.

Midday we had our meal at a pub and restaurant called the Fort Inn, which has some of the best views in Newquay. The photos above and below were taken from their restaurant.

The top picture is looking to the right at some of Newquay's excellent beaches and the one below shows the view looking left to a small quay with it's fishing boats - the tide was out.

Newquay quay Cornwall

After the meal we went for a walk to a headland and away from the town as I wanted to find something to put on this blog. In all honesty the town itself doesn't do the beaches, cliffs and views justice.

I remembered the Huer's Hut (pic below) and thought it might be of interest to 67 Not Out readers as it dates back to at least the 14th century.

Huer's Hut Newquay Cornwall

Before becoming the Huer's Hut it was most likely a hermitage. The hermit would have had the job of lighting beacons to guide shipping.

It was after this that it became to be used by a huer (from the saying hue and cry).

The huer was a lookout for when shoals of pilchards were expected in the local sea. A call on his horn raised the hue and cry informing the townsfolk that the fish had been sighted. Then, by a series of hand signals, he would guide the fishing boats to where the pilchards were seen. They could then surround the shoal with their nets and hopefully get a good haul.

Inside Huer's Hut Newquay Cornwall

The building itself, or hut as it's called, has a typical Cornish medieval chimney and a narrow set of stairs leading to the roof for use by lookouts or huers.

Huer's Hut Newquay Cornwall

There are two windows and an early fireplace which can be seen in the photo above.

Fort Inn pub and restaurant Newquay Cornwall
The Fort Inn where we had our meal with excellent views
After our walk we sat overlooking Newquay's Pentire surfing beach and enjoyed a cup of tea ...

Pentire beach Newquay

In the evening we saw the rest of the family and had birthday cake made by our special daughter-in-law. A good day and, as the saying goes: The sun shines on the righteous! That would no doubt be Karin, more than me.

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  1. A late happy birthday to Karin. What a lovely day you must have had and love the pics.

  2. Glad to see that you two had a lovely day on Karin's birthday.Wish her a happy belated birthday from me,Mike.
    Lovely photos by the way.

  3. I look at your photos and see "potential paintings"... such loveliness of color and light. Blues playing against the pinks... luscious white sea foam and hut! I feel I've rec'd a birthday gift myself; my best to you and your wife!!

    1. Thanks for the comment Dixie. The north coast of Cornwall seems to attract artists, especially at St.Ives. The light is either excellent or the opposite dark and overcast.

  4. These photos are great. I enjoys these virtual travels through your part of the world, Mike. And happy belated to Karin!

    1. Thanks Trish, will pass on the belated wishes.