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Mysterious Links Of The Ancients To Orion And The Afterlife

Thornborough Henges

In my recent post The Mystery Of The Three Hurlers Stone Circles I mentioned that there is a theory that the three circles mirror the belt of the constellation of Orion.

Constellation of Orion
By coincidence I have just come across details of the three Henges at Thornborough, which is something I haven't seen for myself. The photo above is from and is © Tony Newbould.

It is also claimed that Thornborough Henge, Yorkshire, has also been deliberately laid out to mirror Orion’s Belt. See how the middle circle is slightly off centre as is Orion's Belt.

From what I have researched the circles of Hornborugh Henge were constructed around 3000 BC so this would make them older than the Hurlers on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall.

Dr Harding an expert on this sort of thing is quoted as saying, "Thornborough was a sacred landscape, a place of religious worship, and we should try to interpret these astronomical orientations within that context.

This astronomical association was emphasised by the banks of the Henges being coated in brilliant white gypsum. Neolithic people surely felt they were at the centre of the very cosmos as they worshipped the heavens above."

Pyramids as aligned with Orion
It has also been theorised that the Egyptian pyramids have an alignment with Orion. In the Great Pyramid there are two shafts running from the burial chamber. These are aligned with various stars including the constellation of Orion - which was personified by the Egyptians as the god Sah.

Going back to Hornborough Henge this was an important ritual centre, going back as far as 4000 BC, for the Neolithic residents before the Henges were constructed.

So did different ancient groups of people pick on Orion purely as a calender or is there something much deeper associated with the alignments?  For example, the Egyptians associated the god Osiris with Orion.

Osiris is/was god of the dead and the Afterlife - and also of rebirth and fertility. Is this a possible connection?

And just to throw in one more thing, this time about the Hurlers, these just happen to be on what it known as St. Michael's Ley Line.

I have no real answers as yet! But I feel there is something that the experts are missing. Perhaps a Time Machine would help!

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  1. This is fascinating stuff Mike. I don't know much about Orion so can't really comment much about that but these circles must have been made for a good reason. I feel sure you will solve the mystery one day!

    1. It would be great to solve such a mystery.

  2. Great post. You're digging into a mystery, for sure. I got a kick out of your remark, "By coincidence, I have come cross details..." Coincidence?

    1. Okay, maybe not a coincidence! But more to follow on this theme on Thursday.

  3. Just of interest has been mentioned by a protestant prophet years ago that Heaven and the habitation of God is found in the belt of Orion (this is a protestant religion). I can get you a quote of a book/author about this if you are interested.

    1. That's interesting Tim - thank you.