Tuesday, May 15

54 Years To Deliver a Postcard

We sometimes moan about our post deliveries in the UK. Would you believe that often my mail doesn't arrive until nearly lunchtime - what is the world coming too? But there again it must be better than in the USA where one postcard took 54 years to be delivered!

Scott McMurry’s mother was in Chicago in 1958 and sent him a postcard. She wrote about when she would be returning home and also wrote on the card: 'We'll probably be home before this gets there!' Huh!

Mr McMurry, now 71, has just received the postcard but, when he looked at it, he straight away recognised his mother's handwriting. It must have been quite a shock.

The postcard was addressed to Clairmont Lane in Decatur, Ga., where McMurry grew up. But it recently arrived in Elizabeth Fulcher's mailbox on Clairmont Lane in South Daytona, Fla.

Mrs Fulcher put a picture of the card on Facebook and the magic of the Internet found Scott McMurry and the card was passed on to him.

Scott said, "Without the Internet, I’d never have received it. Just why the snail mail took so long to arrive remains a mystery, but an April 2012 Michigan postmark suggests it was recently mailed a second time."

Guess our UK post isn't so bad after all!

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  1. Great story. It's like lost wallets or other objects that find their way home. But wow, 54 years?!

  2. Thanks Trish. I'm back home again now with permission to use the computer once more!!

  3. Same street name in Florida...that's American! My own recent 'overnight delivery' mailing to Australia took three weeks to arrive. I just received the refund... overnight from the date I reported their mistake. :)

    1. I think the problem with post nowadays is that it is getting less so the standard of service drops - though not for 54 years! It's all emails and texts now but this is never as good as receiving a 'real' letter through the mail.

    2. So right, Mike; the recent delivery of get well cards makes me smile :)