Sunday, August 5

FBI Files On Marilyn Monroe Missing On Her 50th Birthday

Marilyn Monroe photo from Some Like It Hot
Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot
Today is the 50th anniversary of the death of Norma Jeane Mortenson - June 1, 1926 to August 5, 1962 - better known as the iconic Marilyn Monroe.

Strange how the FBI files on Marilyn have 'gone missing'. I read the following in the Daily Telegraph:

"Like many of the stars of her era, Monroe's movements, relationships and comments weren't just devoured by fans - they were followed closely by the FBI. Records kept on Monroe, many of which were filed under "Foreign Counterintelligence," have intrigued many who have sought to learn more about the film star, including those who investigated her death.

In connection with the anniversary of Monroe's death on August 5th, The Associated Press has attempted under the Freedom of Information Act to obtain the most complete record of the bureau's monitoring of Monroe.

Nearly nine months later - after several requests and an appeal - obtaining a more complete record of how the FBI investigated Monroe in the months before she died have been stymied by an effort to simply find the files.

The FBI says it no longer has the files it compiled on Monroe; the National Archives - the usual destination for such material - says it doesn't have them either."

Strange that there should be such a 'cover up' - or maybe the files have gone missing by 'coincidence' - huh!

Her death remains a mystery with conspiracy theories galore. A couple I heard recently: She was killed by Bobby Kennedy, who arrived by helicopter and administered 'a drug-laced enema'. And the other is that Marilyn killed herself because she couldn't handle her lesbian urges.

The legend lives on - she will be forever young.

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  1. I like the mystery that surrounds Marilyn. I doubt I will ever believe what is presented as fact.

    1. We'll never know the truth now.

  2. What a lovely photo. Her death and its mystery means her iconic status will live on.

  3. Mike,
    "Her death remains a mystery with conspiracy theories galore. A couple I heard recently: She was killed by Bobby Kennedy, who arrived by helicopter and administered 'a drug-laced enema'."

    I read a book years ago called "Double Cross"
    by Sam Giacana's

    bother,who claimed that the mobsters (Giacana's men)
    gave her a poison suppository,and that Bobby was the first to find her (because he was having an affair with her),but Bobby didn't do it.
    There was even talk that they were thinking of killing Frank Sinatra too,because he had made the introduction of Monroe to Kennedy and things didn't go as they were supposed to go.They were quite angry at Frank apparently,and he was lucky not to be joining her,according to Giacana's brother.

    It was quite a good book actually.

    1. Thanks for that Darren, very interesting.

  4. Wow, well here's what I've heard. Marilyn and Kennedy brothers were working to expose the "New world order," not quite so commonly known back then... by the public.

    Assumed affairs with both was merely an excuse for private communication via 'pillow talk.' Sinatra came under suspicion having invited all three to parties on his private yacht. Blues eyes backed off when his son was kidnapped. However Marilyn 'committed suicide' three months, 17 days, before Pres. Kennedy was murdered in the great state of Texas. And if Bobby made Pres., would he have followed the same path as his brother?

    Conspiracies... great fun, eh?

    1. I like conspiracies as well. Doubtful that we will ever know the truth about many of them.

  5. Fascinating woman. Her death is just as intriguing as her life. As with so many things, we'll never know the full truth on this one.