Sunday, October 7

Columbus Day Boston Coincidence

Columbus arriving in America

Here's a sort of coincidence I was sent, though nothing too dramatic. It's okay I suppose as trivia for a lazy Sunday.

As I understand it Monday will be a public holiday in the USA, known as Columbus Day. This is the nearest Monday to the anniversary of Christopher Columbus arriving in the Americas on October 12th, 1492.

Now, for people living in Boston, Massachusetts this helps them remember the phone number for their Boston Symphony Orchestra i.e. 617.266.1492

It also appears that while their Symphony Hall was being built back in 1900 they were temporarily housed at the Mechanics Hall on Huntington Avenue, Boston. Old records seemingly state: "... reserved seats, either at tables or in the balcony, can be secured by telephoning to the special telephone, Back Bay 1492."

Wikipedia states that the Mechanics Hall, "... was razed for the Prudential Center urban renewal project of the early 1960s."

So that's it, the number 1492 being the coincidence. Okay you may groan if you want!

The Indians Of Haiti As Observed By Christopher Columbus

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  1. Number synchros are always fun! The connections here are odd, though!

    1. It's not much of a synchro but I guess it is a bit odd.

  2. The northern part of the USA is more celebratory of Columbus Day. "We" in the south feel the Vikings arrived first...1249. Go figure.

    1. The Vikings: Hadn't heard that they reached America, but why not!

  3. Loren Coleman has done an intriguing post at his blog-site called
    "Templar Columbus, Columbia, and Columbine"

    It's funny how legend has it that he was born on
    Oct 31st (Halloween).

  4. Here's another Columbus sync.
    My two shirts from Lizzy Miles arrived yesterday.They were rewards from her Kickstarter project

    to get the first "Death Cafe" in the USA up and running (which she did BTW).
    Lizzy wrote to me also about the first "Death Cafe" to be lauched Australia in Nimbin,NSW;

    Oh yeah,the Columbus sync...well the first
    "Death Cafe" in the USA was launched
    in Columbus,Ohio.