Thursday, November 22

Mark Master Masons Symbolism And Why This Year Is 6012

Symbols at Masonic Hall

I was walking past this Masonic Hall in Cornwall on Sunday and realised I had never properly looked at the building previously and all of it's outward symbolism.

The hall is of the Mark Master Masons, more of this later.

Masonic Hall St.Austell Cornwall

One of the things I noticed straight away was that the hall was built in 'AL 5900' - see photo below.

AL stands for 'Anno Lucis' and this translated from the Latin means 'Year of Light' and is a calender often used by Freemasons.

As I understand this, the Year of Light refers to Genesis in the Bible where God supposedly said, "Let there be light." Creationists and many old Bibles give this as happening in the year 4004 BC but the Mason's calendar places the 'event' at the year 4000 BC, which ties in with the theory that Jesus was actually born in 3 AD or 4 AD.

Whatever the reason AL is 4000 years different to the calendar popularly used today, so we are now in 6012 AL.

Masons AL date 5900AL

The Mark Master Masons have been on record since 1756 when a 'brother' was first mentioned as being made a Mark Mason at the Newcastle Masonic Lodge.

As with Freemasons the Mark Masons have a degree - for those interested in such things the full ritual for this can be seen here.

So why would anyone want this Mark Master Mason's degree? On literature I have seen they give three reasons.

"Firstly, it greatly enhances his knowledge of Craft Masonry. Secondly, it teaches, in a delightful way, many important practical lessons about life. Thirdly, it gives a greater appreciation of the Royal Arch and provides an essential qualification to other Orders in Masonry."

For more information go to History of Mark Master Masons.

Masonic Hall symbolism

Above and below are photos of some of the symbolism on the Masonic Hall in Cornwall.

Masonic Hall St.Austell Cornwall Symbols

Symbol on Masonic Hall Cornwall

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  1. Fascinating to research.
    The Triple Tau. (Grand Emblem of Royal Arch Masonry) A triangle within the circle is not only a graphic I've seen recently but is also similar to the graphic we use for our Author Marketing 101 business. I'm going to consider it a good synchronicity to see that graphic here today. :D

    1. Thanks Terri, like the sound of 'a good synchronicity'!

  2. Interesting as I know little about Freemasons. Don't think I've ever seen a Masonic Hall anywhere but maybe I didn't notice. Also interesting about the AL date and Bible.

  3. Interesting post Mike.
    My Grandfather on my mother's side was a Master Mason,but he died before I was born.
    Masonry has always intrigued me,but never enough to actually want to join a lodge.
    I love reading about the subject though.

    1. I've always been intrigued by the Masons too but never made any attempt to become a member. The history is fascinating.

  4. interesting mike dont know a lot about masons but always felt they are there to feather their own nests. they say its about doing charity helping others but a smoke screen

    1. There probably is a little of what you right about Tom but I was talking to a Freemason recently and he was adamant that it's all about brotherhood and charity.

  5. thanks, i found this very interesting. on a lighter note, we don't have to worry about 21 December 2012 then, do we, it's looooong past, right?!

    1. I don't think we have too much to worry about the 21st of December, I like to be positive about the future. Changes perhaps but they don't have to be bad.

  6. I like shadow's comment! What an intriguing old building and topic.

  7. Interesting sync here.Nine hours after you posted this story Mike,Loren Coleman (another blogger I follow) posted a story about a Masonic Yeti,with shots taken of Yeti's in a Freemason lodge in New York.

    As William Shatner would say - "Weird or What?-)"

    And to make things even weirder,his blog is called
    "The Copy Cat Effect" .

    1. Interesting and both published on the same day. Mine was a yeti free zone.

  8. I read the Jewish calendar was at 6000 the year we celebrated 1999...

  9. masonry is a fraternity in which men study and apply to their lives lessons of morality and principles of good character.