Saturday, November 3

Microscopic Photos Of Moths: Gracillariidae and Pyralidae

Microscopic view of Gracillariidae moth

These strange fellows are moths, microscopic photos of moths. The picture above is of a Gracillariidae moth and below is a Pyralidae moth, with a view of its tongue.

There's no coincidence, synchronicity or paranormal attachments to the pics that I'm aware of - I just found them interesting and it's okay for me to publish them, so I have.

Pyralidae moth microscopic view of head and tongue

Like with the photos in my post The Hidden Alien World Of The Demodex Folliculorum (eye lash mites) it shows some of the strangeness we have right here on earth, without having to wonder what any aliens from other planets may look like.

If we do come across any of those aliens they could well appear in formats that we find difficult to comprehend - 'life, but not as we know it.'

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  1. Weird. Recently there was a TV prog about plankton and they showed them magnified. Unbelievable the variety and shapes. Very magical.

    1. I think I saw that programme. They found loads of new types. Some of the plankton were amazing, quite beautiful when magnified.

  2. These creatures look like an alien landscape! Very strange and oddly...beautiful.

    1. There's so much that is hidden away like the plankton Suzie mentions. Some good pics of them on BBC Nature