Saturday, December 8

Arctic Gnomes And Other Photos Of Eden

Metal eagle at Eden Project
A metal eagle perches in the Eden Project gardens
Karin and I were at the Eden Project in Cornwall yesterday to renew our annual passes. Locals can have as many visits as they wish for £7.50 (about US$10) a year. Normal entry costs £23.50 (US$33) per adult.

If you don't know about the Eden Project there are details and photos on my post In Search Of The Birth Of Spirits At Eden

As we walked round Eden I snapped a few photos:

Adam at Eden
It may be a cold winter's day but Adam still ploughs the fields at Eden
The biomes at Eden Project Cornwall
The leaves have turned brown and it's a little chilly for the naked lady
Cow at Eden Project Biomes Cornwall
The cow munches with the biomes in the background
Motor bike artwork at Eden Project
Not too sure what happened to this motor bike
Catalytic Coverter at Eden Project
Info that California is famed for the catalytic converter
Flowers are the Eden Project in Cornwall
And despite the cold outside there are still flowers in the biomes

Sugar lorry at Eden Cornwall England
And an old sugar lorry!
A wigwam in the Eden gardens just in case it rains
Next comes the Arctic Gnomes! This is what they say:

"We Arctic Gnomes represent the Arctic sea ice and how it is changing. This summer saw the most dramatic decrease in Arctic sea ice since records began. The Arctic is a major cooling system for the Earth, so the ice is crucial for the health the of planet.

We are at the Eden to share our story. As the ice melts, we will disappear. We Arctic Gnomes want to protect our home and you may be able to help us." The Arctic Gnome

Arctic Gnomes at Eden Project Cornwall

And, of course, with Christmas approaching Santa's reindeer are resting, ready for the busy night on the 25th.


Eden Project St.Austell Cornwall

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  1. What a cool place! And that price sounds like a bargain.

  2. Beautiful! And did you know that only female reindeer have antlers? Yes sir, all of Santa's reindeer are females. LOL