Monday, July 9

Believe And You Can See Eden Even In The Rain

Clay pit where Eden Project in Cornwall was built

I don't like to moan about the weather - but I will! It's been horrid here in Cornwall and England.

June 2012: wettest since records began, 100+ years ago
April 2012: wettest since records began, 100+ years ago

It should be dry and sunny instead of wet and fifty shades of grey - or am I getting confused with something else there?

But no matter, stiff upper lip and all that, and my wife and I headed off to the Eden Project - which is quite near to us - in the rain. Well if you stay indoors nothing much happens outside of the usual.

As we approached Eden I switched on the car radio and it was an oldie's segment. They were playing I Believe by Elvis.

We parked the car and headed down the path towards the entrance to Eden, and there was this huge poster - as photo at the top of the page If you believe ...

"Hallelujah!" I said jokingly, "I believe."

And, in a way, that's what the Eden Project is all about - belief.

Belief that they could turn an old, disused white clay pit into a major green attraction and learning centre.

I watched it develop right from the start and one of the design architects said it would be like watching the Pyramids being built. A bit over the top, but it has become a special place with millions of visitors every year - perhaps, in all honesty, too many visitors.

The rain had now stopped for a while so we decided not to go to the biomes, for which Eden is famed, but to meander around the grounds and outside gardens first.

I like the Cornish wild section.

Part of the Cornish wild section at Eden Project Cornwall

You never know what you might find ...

Old boot at Eden Project Cornwall England

... or see. Like this poor bedraggled little robin at a seating area.

bedraggled fledgling robin

There's a traditional home garden growing veg with a not very scary scarecrow ...


and, of course, you can't have an Eden without an Adam toiling away against the grey sky.

Adam at the Eden Project

Inside the biomes it's full of colour.

Sunflowers at Eden

Flowers at Eden Project Cornwall

Flowers at Eden St Austell border=

So, yes, as Elvis would sing, "...for every drop of rain that falls a flower grows."

We had lunch at Eden and, being Eden, it's very natural and back to basics. Nothing flash, you help yourself to healthy food and drinks. Sit on solid benches by solid long tables. And when you have finished your meal you find one of the payment posts and tell the guy or girl what you've devoured - they are very trusting, but that's the theme behind Eden. Hopefully not too many people fib.

restaurant cafe at Eden Project

These are the Eden biomes on a sunnier day. I think I took the pic in 2010, it has developed a lot since then.


Belief is almost everything. From an idea or dream anything can develop.

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  1. Re:
    " We had lunch at Eden and, being Eden, it's very natural and back to basics. Nothing flash, you help yourself to healthy food and drinks. "

    I hope Karin didn't give you an apple to eat,while you were there.
    You might not be allowed back by management.-)

    On a serious note though,what a great project.
    The world could do with more of these type of projects.

    1. Good job I don't really eat apples! I wouldn't want to be banished.

      It's a great project and has turned an eye sore of a clay pit into a visitor attraction that also helps the local economy.

  2. Always like your Eden and Cornwall posts, even in the rain. And hasn't it rained!!!

    1. Thanks Suzie. Hope there have been no floods where you are.

  3. Fascinating project. Like Daz says, we should have more of these worldwide!

    1. It's transformed the landscape and to a degree the local economy as well.