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The Mystery Of Wedding Rings Which Disappear And Reappear

Wedding rings which disappear and reappear

It all started last year with my post 333 And A Paranormal Ring Or Perhaps Not about how my wife's wedding ring went missing. Then someone told me their similar story which I made into another post The Ring Which Disappeared And Then Reappeared. This was towards the end of last year.

Now, quite recently, I've had two similar stories about rings disappearing and reappearing by themselves left as comments. I don't know if this is perhaps more common than realised but it does seem to happen without any explanation or reason. I have no answer as to why.

Here are three examples:

Glad I read your blog as I thought I was going mad.

I married thirty years ago and rarely take my wedding ring off my finger, most likely only three or four times during that period.

Last week I got home from my job as usual and went upstairs to change my clothes from my formal work outfit.

After I was dressed again I noticed my wedding ring was missing. Panic set in but I thought I must have somehow pulled it off my finger as I changed my clothes.

I searched everywhere in the bedroom, shook my work clothes and scoured the floor but no ring to be seen anywhere.

I was really in a state as the ring means everything to me as my wonderful husband died last year. I cling to those memories in any way I can.

That night I couldn't relax and felt very tearful. I went to bed and after a lot of tossing and turning fell asleep.

During the night there was a bump like noise, it's the only way I can describe it like someone had knocked something.

As I was awake I went to the bathroom. As I returned to bed I touched my left hand with my right and there was my wedding ring on my wedding finger.

I can't explain how it got there. All I can say is that it went missing and the ring returned by itself.

I told my daughter but she says I must have imagined it. I began to doubt myself but now I realise this has happened to other people too.

~ Dot

I found your post after the same happened to me, I am still baffled by it.

I was sitting at my desk when I happened to look down at my finger and my wedding band was gone. I started to think where it might have fallen off, or had I taken it off. I had been sitting for about two hours, I started to tear the desk apart looking for it. I gave up.

About 15 minutes later, I looked down and there was my ring on my finger. I was shocked, still can not comprehend how it vanished and reappeared.

I totally believe you. It just happened to me in front of the computer as I watching live streaming. My ring on my right hand vanished. I emailed my friend right away since its too late to call her. Then I searched the internet to see if it ever happened to anyone else. I'm kind of weirded out by it.

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  1. this is very freaky...

  2. Very weird, don't know what else to say.

  3. Wow. These stories are fascinating. Maybe it's some sort of inter-dimensional thing? I reposted your 33e and the paranormal ring story a year ago, Mike, and it still gets tons of hits. Maybe it's an emerging phenomenon of some kind?

  4. That's sposed to be 333!

  5. Sometimes I wish mine would vanish .-)

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  7. Yeah, sometimes this is a mystery!

  8. Anonymous14:40

    I been married for a year and now both of our rings are missing right in the house.please can someone help im so frustrated.i knew exactly where i put it just a few hours ago.its gone now.we have no visitors.just me and my wife in a one bedroom apt

  9. Anonymous17:00

    I know how awful it feels missing a ring. Mine also disappeared from our house recently unexplainably and is still lost. We had no visitors, my daughters nor husband don't know where it can be and I have looked everywhere.

  10. Anonymous23:50

    Yesterday, I put my rings in the jewelry cleaner. I am a married man with two rings and a chain. It is not something I would not notice if I were missing one ring. I got into the jewelry cleaner this morning and one ring and chain-no wedding ring. Looked in sink etc. Today, as I am getting ready to go to pool, wedding ring is on my car seat sitting in the middle of seat. I am spooked.

  11. Anonymous23:49

    I have just awoken to a dropping sound and noticed my wedding ring was not on my finger. Found it on the floor, also I very out of breath which is uncommon for me. I don't have asthma or anything. Twice recently my wedding ring has been found on the floor in the morning by my kids. The ring is a tight fit and I can't see how it can just fall off. My wife thinks there is no logical explanation andnit must be paranormal. Last year also I lost my ring and after a few months it turned up in a pocket of some shorts. I had been swimming in the sea and worn these shorts numerous times and not noticed anything in the pockets. Bit spooked. Want to know if something or someone is trying to tell me something. Any ideas?

    1. I'll include your comment on a post - and see if there is any response. Thanks for leaving a comment.

    2. I'll include your comment on a post - and see if there is any response. Thanks for leaving a comment.

    3. Last night I noticed my wedding band was not on my finger. It's a little loose and the last place I remember where it could have fallen off was in the pool. I went and looked in the pool and there it was on the bottom. I shared this in the AM with my wife, and she looked and said there's no ring in the pool. We both looked again and eight more times. A few hours later my wife say's it's there! Bizarre and weird. Is there something trying to send a message - I have no idea.

  12. Anonymous04:52

    This Christmas eve just a few days ago, I was going upstairs to get ready for family coming over. I remember having my wedding ring on my right finger going up the stairs, my ring had been bothering my skin recently and was making red marks and chaffing my skin, so I swapped fingers, only for it to do the same on my right one. Anyway, I took off my ring to take a shower, either on our vanity in the bathroom or top of high drawers in bedroom. I hold this band close to my heart of course and since it had been been such a nuisance lately it was on the top of my mind... and really never ever taken it off before only to put lotion on I get out of the shower, it vanished. My husband and I have searched everywhere. He even bought a metal detector to look to make sure it didn't end up in Christmas trash. It is strange. I remember sleeping and your half sleeping/awake...thought I heard a "ding" like it was my ring bouncing off of metal....still missing....I hope it turns up.

  13. My wedding ring disappeared last night. It's a tight fit and I've never taken it off. As soon as I woke up this morning I noticed it was missing and my finger still had an indentation as though my ring had been recently removed. My husband and me have turned the house upside down. I've retraced all my steps. I'm absolutely devastated. My daughter found this thread. It's given me a glimmer of hope.

  14. I was paying for my lunch and was signing my name to the debit when I noticed my wedding rings were not on my finger. I immediately thought how empty my hand looked I thought I must have forgot to put them on in the morning I take them off at night because they turn and rub my fingers. Then I looked down again and they were there It was very weird and scared me I am happy to see that it has happened to others. I wonder if this is a sign or something That it is a message representing something about my marriage