Thursday, December 27

White Doves Acting As Messengers From The Dead

white doves

I published a post a while back about The White Dove Being A Messenger Of The Dead. This told of Dan's experience with a white dove when his aunt died.

In response to this post other 67 Not Out readers have responded with their own experiences similar to Dan's. Here are two of them.

"I went today and placed a memorial garden stake on my best friend's grave who died two months ago today (I just now realized that the date was significant).

While I was there I prayed and asked to feel her presence. I wanted assurance that she was in Heaven and happy now.

When I left, I did not feel any particular assurance, other than having a good feeling from visiting her burial site and placing a memorial, with her photo, so people can remember her beautiful smile.

When I returned home, there was a white bird sitting near my driveway between her old house (we used to be neighbours) and mine.

When I got out of my car to investigate (I was afraid it was someone's pet bird) I discovered that it was a white dove.

I immediately felt assurance that my friend was in Heaven and she had sent this white dove as a message to let me know that all is well."

"My husband and I where on the way to see my mother and we saw three doves flying in formation.

The three doves where flying so close to my car that I almost had to pull over. I was so afraid they where going to hit my car but they stayed right by the side of it.

My mother was in good health when we arrived.

On our way home, however, we heard on the car radio of an awful car accident locally, where three people had been killed. I don't know if there was any connection with the three doves but it was on the same stretch of road."

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  1. I wrote a post called "When Doves Sync"

    on my blog about a SYNC Book 2 chapter by
    'Nexus Of Sync' where doves were made an example of,and then Rob and Trish
    (two other SYNC Book 2 authors)got my attention by mentioning doves in a post on their blog.
    Now here on your blog doves are mentioned again.
    I even used a very similar photo that you have used here.

  2. How fitting that this post and Daz's involve doves, the messengers of peace!

  3. My favourite gift this year is a white quartz carving of two white doves. I missed my parents so much. Holidays are a bit different without them.
    Nice post, Mike.

  4. Anonymous18:50

    Saw four pure whitr doves sitting on a house on my way to visite my wfes grave I wasnt going to go as didnt feel well and so cold ive never seen 1 white dove never mind 4 nobody else seemed to notice them or im sure they would have made a comnent it just seemed so strange I keep looking for a meaning I know people will make fun and say big deal but I feel it had a meaning

  5. Anonymous00:53

    my son past away and at his rosery the first nite there was one dove the last day there was three.everybody took pictures not sure what it meant

  6. My husband saw two doves die today . can anyone tell me what that means?

  7. I saw 6 doves on the grass two was playing