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Kate Says She Has Sex Regularly With A Ghost

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Regular readers may remember that I have published three posts from Kate about how a ghost wants sex with her. She has sent me another email with an update of what has now happened to her. It seems things have progressed. I have amended her email a little and omitted some content to make it less explicit.

"Kate here, remember me?

I would like to update you on what has happened following the last experience of mine that you published. I know you and your readers may not believe me but it's true and I figure that if it's happened to me and also my aunt it must have happened to others as well.

My ghost now visits me regularly usually on a Wednesday every week. It's mostly the same procedure and I look forward to these visits.

It always starts when I'm sleeping, as I told you last time, but now I do not tell him to go away as I did before. The ghost has sex with me. I enjoy it and am a willing partner. It feels very real and afterwards the ghost I now call Thomas goes away and I go back to sleep.

These aren't dreams as I wake up as soon as he starts to first touch me.

My aunt, who had similar experiences, says it was the same with her and this continued for several months before it suddenly stopped, and the ghost was never seen or felt again.

If it wasn't for my aunt I don't think I would have let it go this far. As it is I now look forward to Wednesdays and prepare for his visit."

So there we go. Having done a little research into the subject it appears that others also claim to have had similar experiences.

Often these visitors - men appear to have them as well as women - are described as incubi and succubi. They are mostly believed to be 'thought forms.'

In the 1500s Paracelsus described them as demons or the 'shades of dead persons' who have carnal intercourse with amorously disposed women and men.

It's said that witches and sorcerers can generate incubi and succubi, or project out of themselves the organisms necessary for conscious enjoyment of sexual pleasure with sleeping human beings.

In the Life of Paracelsus Franz Hartmann writes that ,"...Such imaginary but nevertheless real forms may obtain life from the person by whose imagination they are created, and under certain circumstances they may even become visible and tangible."

It could be that these thought forms are related to poltergeists, who cause violent disturbances, usually in a household which includes an adolescent. It has been suggested that the poltergeist is a dynamic reflex of superfluous sexual energy.

I wouldn't want to define what Kate's visitor actually is, it could well be a ghost or spirit but a thought form is a real possibility. In Medieval Europe, where natural instincts were suppressed by ascetic tendencies, there are stories of lurid happenings with such astral creatures.

Perhaps we sometimes create thought forms - and give them life - without us realising we are doing so. This would be an answer to the cause of many paranormal experiences.

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  1. Very strange. And creepy. Thought forms in some cultures are called tulpas. While it's likely that most of us create thought forms of one kind or another, I don't think it explains all types of psychic phenomena.

    1. No I don't for one minute think that it explains all types of psychic phenomena - just perhaps some.

  2. Weird!
    Well,whatever lifts your spirit,I guess .-)

  3. Anonymous03:39

    Ghost dildo from outerspace... =)

  4. Anonymous08:03

    Thought forms are an interesting concept. I just stumbled upon a site the other day that had this little gem. I found it quite intriguing. As a frequent daydreamer, I now wonder just what kind of chaos I leave behind everywhere, lol.

    Excerpt from article:

    An artificially intelligent nonphysical construct created through focused thought and emotion, comprised of etheric and astral energies programmed to fulfill a particular purpose. Thoughtforms are also known as “egregores” or “tulpas.”

    Basic thoughtforms are purely etheric, existing as structures or simple automatons in the etheric environment; they bias probability according to their programmed function. These can be produced solely through thoughts, habits, daydreams, especially anything mentally repetitive and intense. There are also simplistic etheric lifeforms that qualify as thoughtforms, that exist around us like bacteria do.

    More advanced thoughtforms are animated by astral energies in addition to etheric. They are produced through intense emotional releases. Such advanced thoughtforms are more goal driven and ultimately seek to produce more of the astral energy that gave rise to them. Thus they can turn parasitic.

    As advanced thoughtforms learn from their environment, they acquire a kind of personality and become entitized. An entitized thoughtform is an artificial intelligence with personality and intellect that seeks to ensure its own survival by manipulating and bending events and individuals in the physical realm to produce more of the energy that sustains it. The Demiurge in its corrupted state is an example, as is the human soul with its ego.

    The Demiurge and human soul are both thoughtforms, for both are nonphysical constructs comprised of etheric and astral energies that pursue a particular programmed purpose. In the case of the human soul, Spirit uses it as an interface to the body and the physical world. Without Spirit, the soul becomes a parasite and such cases are termed “spiritless humans.”

  5. Ashley08:13

    She needs to set up a video camera in her room....maybe catch some evidence of this "pervy" ghost! :)

  6. It actually is possible, and sometimes the Dead can become demonic entities or close to those. In some Legends, bastard sons become Incubi when they die.

    However, something here isn't right. It went to her Aunt then to her.
    Smells like a Generational Curse to me. If she has a daughter someday, it will come to her as well.

    Here's some info from a Roman Catholic Paranormal Group on the subject and how to stop them.

    I'm a Gnostic Pagan btw but I study all religions. If I were her I'd go to a good mystic like a Mambo (Vodoun Priestess) or Hougan (Vodoun Priest) to cast the Cowrie shells or read the Tarot for her. Get to the bottom of this thing for good.

  7. Lisa22:16

    I think it's a demon, not a ghost.

    I love your blog!

    1. Thank you Lisa for your comment - appreciated.

  8. Anonymous16:23

    Its not all that strange to have it happen to you. I just had to chat sex with a spirit on a Ouija board and say lets have sex because that's what the spirits are really looking for is a mate to have sex with. I asked her to enter my body and she did things you couldn't imagine sexually. Since then others have entered my body and taken me sexually. These are not succubus but good spirits . One I have a picture of. The sex is done on such a technical level that would take pages to describe it all but its been incredible sex.