Sunday, March 10

Following The Lottery Instinct Made Him Wealthy

Lottery winnings

Here's a short Sunday story about, er, maybe following your instinct or perhaps about how some things are meant to be.

Two Friday's ago Robin Kiddie of Ludlow, Shropshire was waiting in the Tesco supermarket for his wife Christine to finish the shopping. He was bored so he went to the counter on impulse and bought a lottery ticket. He thought no more about this until the Monday following.

He was at work (bored again?) and checked his numbers 2, 16, 25, 30, 31, 32 online. Guess any boredom was soon over as he discovered he had won £6,299,421, that's about US$8.8 million.

Mr Kiddie now intends to retire and take a holiday.

I think the moral of the tale is to follow your instincts. If you get a feeling to do something, then do it - as long as it's decent and legal of course!

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  1. I wish I was this good at winning
    bored games .-)

  2. This is the second lottery story I've heard in 24 hours. Yesterday, our daughter read us a story from the Hicks/Abraham forum written by a 19 year old guy who had won 2 million- and how he had put himself in a mindset to do so. One more of these and I'll buy a lottery ticket this week.

  3. Mike,if anyone can crack the new astronomical odds of winning the all new Aussie Powerball,it would be you.
    Division 1 - 6 winning numbers + the Powerball 76,767,600:1