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10 White Feather Story Posts As Examples Of Messages From The Dead

White feather

As regular readers will know I often publish posts about white feathers, the feathers being a sign or symbol from someone who has died. As there is a lot of interest in this subject I have collated 10 such posts below. Hopefully they may be of help to anyone going through a bereavement.

White Feathers Comfort The Bereaved
After my first experience with the white feathers I hit a sad time in my life. In a period of 16 months three very close people died: my mother, my best friend of some 30 years and my daughter. The latter two deaths were quite unexpected. Needless to say this hit my wife and I quite ... Read full story

The Meaning Of White Feathers As Messages From The Dead
After losing such important people it takes a while to adjust and you tend - or at least I did - to look for something to confirm that the person is still about. For me this came via white feathers ... Read full story

White Feathers From The Spirit World Stories
My dear husband, Gene, passed away December 2010,ever since then I have found white feathers. My grandson and I were sitting in the same place my Gene and I would sit in Church and a white fluffy feather ... Read full story

White Feathers As Messages From Her Baby Girl
In 2010 I gave birth to my angel baby Khloe Renee. She was perfect and the most beautiful baby I have ever seen, but a blood clot formed inside the umbilical cord causing her to pass away while ... Read full story

Receiving White Feathers From The Dead
I have lost a close friend and had three funerals in the last three months which has been difficult. After the funeral of the premature and sudden death of my friend, two feathers were on the floor of the car, no idea how they got there. Then a few days ... Read full story

Fluffy white feather
A Big Clump Of Feathers From The Spirit World
My dad passed away a few years back and we all miss him terribly. My two brothers and one sister keep a close eye on our mom now that dad is gone. I just turned 50 and for my birthday my sister and mom decided we should go to New York as a "girls vacation" and ... Read full story

White Feathers After Someone Dies
I heard about white feathers from a friend who had lost her Grandma. I thought it was nice that she believed they were a sign from the person who had passed away but I also thought, 'yeah, right.' Then I lost my Mum ... Read full story

Watching Over Us With White Feathers
I lost my nan suddenly in November of 2011, and have had many encounters of white feather prior to her death as well as after, but tonight was the most poignant of all showings ... Read full story

A White Feather From Her Daughter
Two years ago I tragically lost my daughter who was ten years old. I won't go into details about this but it was a very stressful and heart breaking time. It very nearly broke up the relationship between my husband and myself ... Read full story

The White Feather Message From The Dead
First thing the next morning I went into my home office to collect something I needed and there on my desk was a white feather. Goodness knows how it could have possibly have got there ... Read full story

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  1. Wow!
    There's enough white feather stories here to fill a pillow .-)

    1. That would just make me sneeze!

  2. These stories are among my all time favorites. Love your comment, Daz!

  3. Had missed a few of these, but what a lot of data on white feathers as messages from the dead. More than Darren's pillow full!

  4. I know this is an old post, but I read your post a while ago. I was reminded when my sister, mother, and myself went to New York 2 years ago. That first night we went to a Cirque du Soleil show called Zarkana. There was a "mishap" with two of the clown actors where they were supposed to toss all these white feathers over the audience, but the feathers clumped together and the actors just shrugged and DUMPED the entire net full on my sister, mother and I. Until I read this story I never heard of this being a message from the dead, and we just kept the feathers as a funny reminder, my mom even encasing one in a glass frame for my sister and I as a gift. My father passed away a few years back. I wonder now if it was a "big ole" hello from dad to us on the first night of our first girls only trip!