Sunday, May 12

Everything In The Past Or Future Is Unreal

Everything Past And Future Is Unreal

"Everything past is unreal, everything future is unreal, everything imagined, absent, mental ... is unreal ... ultimately real is only the present moment of physical efficiency."

~ Fyodor Shcherbatskoy

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  1. OK. Now what??!

  2. I wondered why growing up in the 70's everyone was saying "unreal" and now they don't...because that was the past...and my future seems to be unreeling at breakneck the present seems a pretty good place to stay for me right now.-)

    1. So many people are saying how "the future seems to be unreeling at breakneck pace" or words to that effect. Where is time going? Is it speeding up? The present is definitely the place to be because we have no choice (at the present time)

  3. On the subject of past and present,check this "unreal" website out -

    Thanks to Cliff Pickover at
    'Reality Carnival' blog for bringing it to my attention.

    1. Thanks for that link, interesting pictures, but they still don't (re)capture the 'real' past. There are times though I'd like to try, but I'd want some of 'now' to go with it.

    2. Re:
      "...they still don't (re)capture the 'real' past".
      That's why I wrote,
      "check this "unreal" website out".-)

    3. Ah, of course!

  4. Staying right here, right now!

  5. Ironically this is how I feel right now.

  6. Anonymous20:19

    Time doesn't flow, it moves from one single moment of reality (a Planck time - the time it takes to travel from one end of a Planck length to the other at the speed of light) to the next.
    As per quantum mechanics, the moment prior to the present one collapses after having its moment of being 'physical reality' and the next moment in line is still to be determined.
    So, yes, the only time that the illusion in this holographic simulation appears and feels real is at this precise fraction of a second.