Monday, May 13

Did He Summon His Three Wives From Beyond The Grave?

Old Women Collage

Here's an almost creepy coincidence I came across in the Reading Eagle newspaper dated January 5, 1979. It might be 'old' news but it's nevertheless a very strange story.

Within a 24 hour period three women in the same area, all with the surname of Banks, died. It was only noticed that there was something odd about this following their death notices appearing in print.

Two of the women were taken to the same funeral home and all three were buried within a 24 hour period - and here's the creepy bit - they were buried in reverse order of their marriages to the same man: Samuel Banks.

There was nothing suspicious about the three deaths but their legal death notices appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer on the same day - and in consecutive order. By 'chance' a relative noticed the coincidence.

Tiny Love's aunt, Esther, was Mrs.Banks No.3. Mrs. Love said she didn't even know that Banks had been married previously. Esther's body was taken to the same funeral home where the body of Nellie Banks - Mrs Banks No.2 - lay in state.

Also somewhat puzzled was Marilyn Choate whose grandmother was the first Mrs Banks - again she was unaware of the other marriages.

It was eventually discovered that Samuel Banks married three times. He married Myrtle in the 1920s but the marriage failed. He then married Nellie in 1943 and they were divorced in 1960 and. he finally married Esther in 1966.

Samuel died in July of 1978 and the three wives he married died in reverse order of their marriages within 24 hours in the December.

Perhaps he gave them a call to join him from beyond the grave ...

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  1. Cincinnati? As in Ohio, USA? Less than a 4 hour drive from my birth town and where I spent the first 22 years of my life? If so, and it probably is... No biggie. Cincinnati was just weird. It was the only city Cleveland, OH teens could claim as worse than their hometown.

    Cincinnati didn't have the Art Museum or Orchestra. They also weren't the the mistake on the Lake or notorious for having a river than burned for three days.

    In Cleveland, OH, in the late 1970's, Mr. Banks and his 3 secret wives, who died and were buried at the same time, would have just been an - "at least we're not as bad as what happens in Cincinnati"... It's always about the point of view...

    1. Local knowledge on Cincinnati - thanks. I knew very little about the town previously.

  2. That is very strange. This past week in Ohio, the local news reported finding three young women who had been kidnapped and held hostage for ten years. Maybe you've read about it. Strange state?

    1. Yes, have read all about the Ohio young women, it was one of the main news stories on the UK news - horrific.

  3. Creepy synchro! I'm not sure what it is about Ohio...not a place I would choose to live.

    1. I've learnt much about Ohio recently - Unlikely I'll be moving there either!