Tuesday, May 7

Hitting The Heights With The Stars In Somerset

Minehead, Somerset, England
Minehead, Somerset, England
I've been away for a short holiday to Minehead, Somerset. As my blogging friend Daz, from Just Watching The Wheels Go Round, often mentions gigs he has seen over in Australia, I thought I'd better show a few of the ones I saw while away.

Fireman Sam live on stage

Yes, it really is Fireman Sam live on stage - but there was much more to follow ...

Barney the Dinosaur on stage

... Yep, it's Barney the Dinosaur - who seems to have got at least one girl dancing excitedly on stage, and there's more ...

Thomas the Tank Engine live on stage

... Thomas the Tank Engine live - how do they manage that! And on the same evening, on another stage, we saw ...

Sesame Street characters on stage

... the Sesame Street characters and - if that wasn't enough - on the next evening there was a pantomime ...

Beauty and the Beast pantomime

... of Beauty and the Beast. Not too sure why this necessitated cupcakes, teapots and cups as hats but the audience liked it - and so did I.

This was, of course, all really for children and my VIP, small grandson Samuel, had a good time, though his three month old sister perhaps wasn't quite so impressed. Pantomimes seem to be a British thing and they are the first taste of the theatre for many children - and watching something live is always special.

Karin and I enjoyed our week in Minehead, Somerset. The sun shone for us. The sky was blue and we managed a couple of walks along a small part of the West Somerset Coastal Path.

West Somerset Coastal Path
Start of the West Somerset Coastal Path
There were no coincidences or synchronicities while we were away but, being with all of my family, was just perfect. I didn't need anything else. Oh, nearly forgot ...

Bob the Builder on stage

... Bob the Builder was there too. Life doesn't get much better!

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  1. I love live performances and having the "excuse" to attend these types because of taking a grandson. :D

    I've also noticed a lack of coincidences or synchronicity during family events or excursions. I think it's because there's nothing more important than that moment, and it is to be savored without distraction.

    1. Interesting what you write about the lack of synchronicity during family events. Haven't realised this properly previously but I think you are right, must give this some more thought - thanks!

  2. Lucky you, I used to love Sesame Street so I'm quite envious :)

    1. My grandson't favourite is Fireman Sam, no doubt this will change as the months tick by.

  3. Bill and Ben the flowerpot men were my favourites when growing up in Oz.
    Now I just see them as potheads running around yelling WEED !!! WEED !!!
    at each other .-)

    1. Ah yes remember Bill and Ben and Little Weed as well :)

  4. I wondered about the teacups(etc) but my niece informs me to watch the movie!

    That metal beach sculpture is something else. Amazing! I'd love to have a postcard.

    Thomas the Tank with Ringo... yep, lots of memories!!

    1. I think it was party time, so the tea and cakes came out to play - as they do! Haven't seen the movie.

      If I'm that way again I'll see if I can get you a postcard of that sculpture.

  5. Even Barney the purple dino! He was one of megan's favorites when she was Samuel's age. And Samuel is certainly cute!

  6. I didn't know if all of these characters were known worldwide - good old Barney! Thanks for saying that about Samuel I think he's very special - but I'm a proud granddad so I suppose I would.