Wednesday, May 8

Synchronicity Appears When A Symbol Proves Its Significance

Ring in the sand

There are many facets to Synchronicity and David Richo gives numerous examples of this in his book The Power of Coincidence - How Life Shows Us What We Need To Know.

Here is just one example. David writes:

"Synchronicity appears when a symbol that has been personally meaningful suddenly proves - or acts in accord with - it's significance."

He backs this up with a story about Rosalind who got engaged to be married. She and her fiancé chose an engagement ring with a large diamond symbolising the indestructible brightness of the couples love and their commitment to a life long bond.

On the day of their wedding they confirmed the very same vows the ring symbolised. After a while the marriage sadly faltered and they headed towards divorce.

Finally the divorce was finalised and on that day Rosalind was walking back to her new apartment along a sandy road near the beach. She was still wearing her ring.

To quote Richo's words: "From the corner of her eye, she saw something fall to the ground. Rosalind knew instantly it was the diamond. It had suddenly fallen from its setting and sunk deep into the thick, fine sand. Rosalind looked carefully for it. Though she searched for a long time, it was nowhere or ever to be found."

The diamond that symbolised their love and commitment was lost on the very day of their divorce - that's synchronicity.

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  1. Wow, that IS synchronicity. And I hadn't heard of this book, so off to Amazon I go.

    1. There are so many books! I've many I haven't got round to reading.

  2. quite a story. book might be a good read for me. hope you had a good holiday with your family

    1. Thanks Tom. I had a great time at Minehead. See Hitting The Heights With The Stars In Somerset. Hope all well with you.