Thursday, May 2

A Timely Purely By Chance Coincidence

Clock 1:23 and 4:56

I rarely wear a watch and try not to be too controlled by time. I also usually sleep well at night.

This is why I make those two statements: Last night I went to bed as usual and nodded off to sleep quite quickly but I woke up and, when I did so, glanced at the digital clock. It was 1:23. I thought it a bit odd but was soon snoring away again - I don't really snore, of course, it's all in my wife's imagination. Anyway, I awoke a second time and again looked at the clock for some reason. This time it was 4:56.

Now I've heard about people seeing several 1s - 111, 11:11 and so on, but never much about 123456.

I tried searching Google for any explanations, but all I could find was on the Faeries and Angels Network. They write:

"Seeing 1:23 or 4:56 (numbers that count upwards like '1,2,3') - Simplify your life. Let go of thoughts related to 'time'. Let go of the old! De-clutter your life. Clean and organize your home or work space. Take a deep breath. Be present in the moment."

This wasn't much help. As I've said I'm not too bothered about time and the clutter I may have in my office isn't real clutter it's, er, important stuff I might need to refer to sometime - possibly.

Oh well, that's it. Message received but not understood! Or it might just have been one of those 'purely by chance coincidences' I've been reading about. Can you believe it - some people claim they have experienced such things. Quite remarkable.

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  2. 123456? Things are LINING up? Just a thought.

  3. Nice. Did you begin your day at 7:08?

    1. Here's my personal brief message for these numbers:

      123 = self and partnership in balance with creativity, compassion and communication
      456 = earth, grounded through change, with love

      These messages are both reminders to me to be all of the above and also assurances that I am.

  4. Okay Mike, I'll keep this simple. Turn your clock so that if/when you do wake up, you won't see the clock face.

    Or: You first awoke at 1:23 + 3.33 hours = 4:56. What's on the hot list for the number 333? Lol.