Wednesday, August 28

A White Feather Comforts The Bereaved

White feather comforts the bereaved

I have published numerous posts on how white feathers comfort the bereaved. Here's another short experience from a reader.

"I have just came home from burying my Granddad's ashes after his funeral yesterday. As all my Granddad's close family and I were standing at his grave - having a couple of moments to gather our thoughts after a lovely service and looking at all the flowers - a white feather dropped from nowhere and landed centimetres from the open grave.

"Everybody just looked at each other in amazement. It was very surreal, but comforting to know my Granddad was there with us and probably now with his wife, my late Grandma as well.

"I had never heard of this before until I have looked it up on line now. It had been a dark dull wet day and the feather was brilliant white and fluffy. It has amazed me and really put my mind at ease that he is okay."

 RIP Granddad, love you always xxx

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Now here's a strange thing, as I finished this post a white dove flew past my window!

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  1. I love these stories! It seems like the purest form of spirit communication.