Wednesday, August 7

The Royal Birth And The Really Nice Coincidences

Royal Family Cartoon
Source: David Fitzsimmons, The Arizona Daily Star
To date I've managed to avoid mentioning the recent Royal birth - though you may nevertheless have still heard about it. George Alexander Louis, son of Prince William, clocked in on the 22nd of July, Kate had something or other to do with it as well.

Alyssa Williams of Kidderminster was also born on the same day - okay, not quite an amazing coincidence perhaps but there's a little bit more.

Alyssa was born at 7 pm and weighed in at 7 pounds - there's another coincidence: two 7s - but more importantly Alyssa's family have other connections with Royal birthdays. Here we go:

# Alyssa's uncle, David Williams (I had a school teacher named the same, but that's not really relevant) was born on the same day as Prince William: June 21, 1982.

# Alyssa's aunt Louisa has the same birthday as Prince Harry, 15th of September.

# Lauren - David and Louisa's daughter and therefore Alyssa's cousin - was born on Queen Elizabeth's birthday, 21st of April.

# Alyssa's dad's parents - her grandparents - celebrate their wedding anniversary on Princess Diana's birthday, 1st of July.

Erm, I think that's it. Alyssa's proud dad is quoted as saying about this, "It’s been a massive shock really but everyone said Alyssa was meant to be born on that date because of the connections with the Royals and our family."

And mum Zara agreed, "As soon as we got to the hospital the midwives were saying that we could have her on the same day (as Kate). I’m pleased that we did because of the other family members. It just makes it really nice."

So there you go - really nice coincidences.

Royal baby cartoon
Source:Rick McKee, The Augusta Chronicle
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  1. Actually speaking of cartoonists and birthdays,I met an Australian cartoonist at the BBWF on the weekend named Michael Leunig,
    and I have already done two posts on him -

    When I was getting some facts on him from Wikipedia I noticed this piece -

    "Leunig's first marriage, to Pamela Munro, ended in divorce. He married his second wife, Helga, in 1992. His four children were all born on notable dates: Gus on Guy Fawkes Day 1973; Sunny on Valentine's Day 1975; Minna on Australia Day 1992 and Felix on Christmas Day 1995 "

    I didn't use the information in my posts,but there was a nagging feeling I should remember this for later.
    Obviously this is the later.-)

    1. Later always seems to come - interesting about the birthdays and the cartoons.

  2. You two come up with the most interesting synchros. Birthdates and numbers always beg the question: who's running this show?!

  3. Hmmmm...well, we don't have any royal coincidences (that I'm aware of, anyway), but my baby sister is somewhat of a coincidence. She was born on 6/6/66, is the sixth child in our family, her name had six letters (by coincidence), and she weighed 6 pounds and almost 16 ounces, and she's left handed which is another sort of different!