Thursday, May 24

Links Of Prince William And Royal Family To Hitler And Nazis

Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding

Here's a bit of a nonsense coincidence ... or is it!

Someone pointed out to me that Prince William and Kate Middleton were married on the same day as Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun: 29th of April.

Okay, so what, but he then went explain that Hitler and Braun were married in the early hours of the said date at a ceremony conducted within the Führerbunker. But there's another coincidence:

The night prior to her wedding Kate Middleton stayed at the Goring Hotel in London and it was from here that she made her way to Westminster Abbey for the wedding ceremony. And who was one of Hitlers associates? Hermann Göring (though sometimes spelt as 'Goering').

All of this may be pure chance (if such a thing is possible) but there are many links between the UK Royal Family and Germany and even the Nazis. It was King George V for instance who, in 1917, changed the present Royal Family name from the 'House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha' to the 'House of Windsor' - which is still used today.

There is a 1936 photo of Hitler with King Edward VIII (the uncrowned king) and his wife to be Wallis Simpson. It is said that the FBI took and interest in King Edward in 1941 as there were rumours he was passing secrets to the Nazis.

King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson with Adolf Hitler

There's also a photo of Prince Philip (Queen Elizabeth II's husband, father of Prince Charles and Grandfather to Prince William) at a Nazi funeral. That's him circled.

Prince Phillip at Nazi funeral

Then, of course, we mustn't forget how Prince Harry dressed up as a Nazi, which made front page of the Sun newspaper.

Prince Harry dressed as Nazi for party

This is hardly earth shattering news but what about if we also threw in the Freemasons to the mix as well. Lots of the Royal Family are, and have been, members of the craft. There's even a Lodge at Buckingham Palace. But more on that perhaps another day and, who knows, gradually bit by bit the jigsaw may actually fit together.

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  1. If there aren't any coincidences did this date etc happen for a reason

  2. It's lucky then
    (or unlucky if the royals are secret Nazis) that the Queen was born one day after Hitler's birthday on April 21st,and not on his birthday of April 20th.That could have been another embarrassment for them.-)

    1. Lucky or unlucky - perhaps the date plan didn't quite all come together.

  3. Fascinating foray into history here, synchrosecrets and all!

    1. synchrosecrets everywhere we look!

  4. Nothing surprises me much any more; just toss a grain of salt over my shoulder...
    Over here, Prescott Bush, grandfather to both former presidents, was tried and convicted of 5 counts of treason, having consorted with the Germans.
    Yes, dynasties often have their secrets... which eventually come to light... if the information is true.
    Interesting Mike!

    1. '..if the information is true' - that's the difficulty for us to be sure of. So much is hidden and we can also get 'the wrong end of the stick.' There are all sorts of secrets waiting to be uncovered ... one day.