Wednesday, September 25

My Mallorcan UFO Photo

A light in the sky, a UFO?

I wasn't going to post this photo until I saw Trish & Rob's post UFOs Over Jupiter? It's a photo I took while in Mallorca about 10 days ago. Unfortunately there are no houses or scenery in the picture to get a proper perspective.

We were walking along one night, looked up and saw this light moving across the black sky. I've no idea what it is - as Trish & Rob say about their photo - it could just be a Chinese Lantern or something similar. I'm not making any claims!

I enlarged the photo and this is what I got:

And then enlarged it again:

I also noticed there are green 'stars' one to the top of the photo and the other at the bottom of the photo - as can be seen in the pic below.

So there you go, my Mallorcan UFO - well it's definitely unidentified!

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  1. With those colours (red,white and blue) ,it looks more French than Spanish...whatever it is.-)

  2. very weird mike. doesnt look like an aircraft. no idea what it could be

  3. Your photo came out a lot better than ours! And the sky is so black it really shows up. The closeup is fascinating. How high up do you think it was?

    1. It's difficult to say how high it was against the black sky. It could have been aircraft height but I can't really say for sure. The sky when we were in Mallorca was very black at night and there were hardly ever any stars visible. Otherwise all we saw in the sky was the occasional plane but they were easily distinguishable because of their lights.