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The Remarkable Coincidence Of A Reunited Mother And Daughter After 57 Years

Remarkable coincidence
An edited version of the letter Carole sent to her mother in 2005
Carole Davies knew she was adopted and 57 years after her birth, with the help of an amateur genealogist, she managed to trace her mother, Freda Pickering. As well as being reunited again they also discovered a remarkable coincidence.

Times were almost unbelievably different when when Carole was born in 1948. Mrs Pickering had an affair, when she was 19, with a Croatian exile, but he went away. She didn't realise she was pregnant right up to the birth. She said "One night I got this pain in my tummy. I thought babies had to be cut out of you but all of a sudden this baby dropped out." She carried the baby into her mother and said, "Mum, I think I've had a baby."

As happened back in the 1940s, though Mrs Pickering wanted to keep her baby, Carole ended up being adopted. Single mothers were somewhat frowned upon.

And now we come to the coincidences.

1950s bus conductress
Freda in bus uniform
Carole was adopted by a couple who lived only seven miles from where she had been born. As she grew up she attended Tadcaster Grammar School and travelled there on a bus.

The conductor on the bus was none other than her birth mother - Freda Pickering!

For seven years Carole travelled to and from school on the bus her mother worked on, neither of them knowing who the other was.

Mrs Davies said, "I had no idea the lady who checked my bus pass twice a day was my mum. It came as a complete shock when we began talking about our past and my school life, and that was mentioned."

Carole and Freda now have a typical mother and daughter relationship, talking regularly on the phone and meeting up.

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  1. That is so amazing, to think mother and daughter were seeing each other but unknowingly.

  2. This synchro is astonishing! How wonderful that they found each other.