Friday, December 27

67 Not Out On BBC News Coincidence - Sort Of

Kevin Pietersen 67 Not Out

I guess it had to happen eventually. I turned on the television yesterday at lunchtime to catch the news. And the BBC kindly put up this blog's name on the screen i.e. 67 Not Out! I managed to snap the occasion, though it's not too clear. I must have got shaky with the excitement of the coincidence - or maybe it was just too much lunch.

As for the cricket in Melbourne, I'd rather not mention it for reasons that other English people will understand.

But here's a cricket coincidence about Melbourne and the very first Australia v England Test Match:

"What is now recognised as the first Test of all, the match between Australia and England in Melbourne in March 1877, ended in a win for the home side by 45 runs. One hundred years later, a special Centenary Test was staged in Melbourne to mark the occasion - and Australia won an exciting encounter by 45 runs." Source

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  1. Merry Christmas Mike to you and your family,and with me being an Aussie you know we have already had a Merry Christmas with Santa leaving the Ashes under our Christmas trees.
    You think he would wipe his feet after coming down the chimney,wouldn't you ? But we don't mind attempting a clean-sweep after him leaving the Ashes on Christmas for us over here in Oz .-)

    1. Ha ha! No, the clean sweep won't be necessary, wouldn't want you to overdo the housework.

    2. Us Aussies enjoy doing clean-sweeps of the Ashes Mike.Santa must left quite a bit of mess down here because I hear a lot of Australians talking about doing a clean-sweep of the Ashes,but they say it with a big cheery Christmas smile all over their face like it's something that they are looking forward to doing. ;-)

  2. funny mike and like you i wont talk about the cricket though i could!

    1. The score isn't so bad today (Fri) - hope it lasts. And hope you had a good Christmas.

  3. Replies
    1. I know cricket doesn't mean much to you in the US!

  4. Suzie14:44

    Oh no, not you as well - cricket! I have to listen to my partner rambling on about this but it's looking okay today I think, not that I understand fully what's going on.