Saturday, December 7

How To Bring A Dead Fly Back To Life

How to bring a dead fly back to life

Today a coincidence story which is also a lesson i.e. How to bring a dead fly back to life. My thanks to JC for this much needed information!

"A few years years ago I had just watched a David Blaine video where he picked up a dead fly and brought it back to life, in a public park, stunning some onlookers.

I did some reading on the web and found the secret. Apparently, if a fly is chilled, it will go into a kind of stasis, and if you re-warm it, it will come to 'life'. He had simply stashed a very cold fly on a public drinking fountain, quickly found his audience members, and used the warmth of his hand to reanimate the fly.

I thought this was cool, because I read an awful lot, and I had never heard of this fact about flies before, and I like learning new things like that.

So, immediately after watching the video, I went to the fridge to get a drink. I opened the fridge more quickly than I usually do, making a vortice of air.

From the top shelf of the fridge, a small black speck was sucked out of the fridge by the air, landing on the floor. It looked like an unremarkable crumb or bit of food about half the size of a raisin. It fell directly down, aided only by gravity.

I'm kind of fastidious, so I leaned over to pick it up. It was a housefly, seemingly dead.

I looked at it for about three seconds - then it reanimated and flew up into the air!

Upon learning that chilled flies look dead and can reanimate when warmed, I immediately saw it happen, in a very coincidental way."

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  1. HAHA This probably explains why my o/h dead fly collection at his workplace keeps disappearing! Can't wait to tell him!

  2. Never knew this about flies! And what an eerie synchro...a fly drops at his feet.

  3. Anonymous23:40

    Can a student house bring this about.......with a dead rat??