Sunday, January 12

Kitten Coincidences And Reincarnation

Two identical kittens

We received the photo above on the front of a 'thank you' card from our grandchildren for their Christmas presents. It's not really a coincidence, other than the two kittens do look alike, but it's a cute picture.

I also came across a kitten story, dated August, that poses a question.

"My two year old cat died from a virus in June.

A couple of days ago, I found a stray kitten that was stuck under a dumpster and she was crying for help. She looked identical to my cat that had died. She is solid black with yellow eyes and has a patch of white fur on her stomach just like my last cat. She is about eight weeks old, so she was born about the same time that my cat died.

They both have the same personality and quirks and loved to lay on their backs to get their stomach rubbed. Both are very friendly and loving. She looks like a mini version of my previous cat.

Does you think that's a weird coincidence or something else....?"

So do cats and animals reincarnate?

And finally another kitten photo I saw on the Ingur website. The photo is titled: "I went to my friend's place to meet his new kitten ... quite a coincidence"

Coincidence kitten and t-shirt

I think that'll do for a Sunday - have a great day.

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