Monday, March 10

In Her Previous Life She Had A Mean Mommy

Following on from my two posts about Before Birth Experiences (links below), here is a story on this theme I received from Nicole.

My daughter who is seven has never eaten vegetables. Even as an infant with baby food - she would eat the meats, the fruits, the cereals, but never ever vegetables. To this day she will not touch them. I do not force her to do so.

At the age of three, when we asked her one day, to just try them, she might actually like them - we even read her Green Eggs and Ham - she freaked us out.

She told us: "Before you were my mommy, I had a mean mommy, she lived in the woods, and I lived with her. We lived alone in the woods and she was very mean to me. She would make me eat green nasty stuff and it was really bad."

"I got to get away from her and then, I came to the hospital to be your baby, Mommy."

"I like you way better than my last mommy, you're much nicer than she is."

~ Nicole

We can learn a lot from children, while they are small. Sometimes they have memories carried over from another time - but tend to forget these as they grow older.

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  1. Wow. This is such a clear example of how ertain things stick with us life to life.

  2. That's sposed to be certain....not ertain!

  3. Suzie17:54

    Freaky story, so that must be how we get some of our likes and dislikes.

    1. And maybe our talents as well.