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Where We Were Before Birth: Our Before Birth Experience

Awaiting birth

Over and over we read and hear of theories about what happens to us when we die. But I've also often wondered where we were before we were born. It could well be the same 'place' as we frequent after death, if you believe in, say, reincarnation.

I remember when my son was little I used to read him a story at bedtime and afterwards we would chat for a short while. We covered some strange subjects. When he was five or six, for example, I'd ask him where he was six or seven years ago. The question puzzled me and I thought he may be able to help.

Yesterday I came across the following Before Birth Experience - a BBE. Makes a change from NDE's! This suggests what Before Birth was like for one person - see what you think.

"I can remember standing in a dark space, but unlike being in a darkened room, I could see everything around me and the blackness had dimension.

There was another person standing to my right, and like me, he was waiting to be born into the physical world. There was an older person with us who could possibly be a guide, since he stayed with us until we left and answered my questions.

Behind us was a crowd of people, but they weren't clear to our vision like the two people standing next to me. In front of us, and approximately 30 degrees below us, we could see the Earth with the facial images of two couples.

I spoke to the other person next to me briefly, but I can't remember what was said. I can remember talking to the older man. When we communicated, it wasn't with spoken word but with a form of telepathy. We communicated with thought transfer but we heard the words clearly as if they were spoken.

I asked the older man who the people were behind us and he replied that they were waiting to be born but they weren't ready yet. I asked him what was that in front of us and he replied that what we were looking at was Earth. I then asked him who those people were whose images appeared on the Earth and he replied that they were going to be our parents.

I didn't know which parents we were each going to end up with. The older man conveyed to us that it was time to go. The other person standing next to me walked forward and disappeared from my sight. I was told that it was my turn and I walked forward.

Suddenly I found myself lying in a hospital nursery with other babies around me. I still had my normal thought processes at this stage. I noticed three people standing at the foot of my bed. I immediately recognized two of them as my parents. They looked exactly as their image appeared on the Earth. The other person was my older brother, but I didn't know this at the time.

I remember lying on my back looking around and thinking this must be Earth. I tried to stand up and found I couldn't, since I was now trapped in a baby's body. I can't recall anything before being in the dark space (it's as if I suddenly was).

My father, who knew nothing of my experience, often talked about the first time they came to the hospital to see me. He said I stared so hard at the three of them that he thought my eyes were going to pop out. I was born in 1965 and man wasn't able to view the Earth as I saw it, until they went to the moon. As a child, when I first saw the photos of the Earth taken by the Astronauts from space, it was exactly as I remembered it.

I can also remember, while still in the spiritual, that the physical world seemed as unreal as the spiritual does from the physical perspective." Source

My immediate thought when I first read this was about the parents. For some reason I'd always felt that we were able to choose our parents whereas, in the case above, they appear to have been chosen for him.

In her book Coming From The Light - Spiritual Accounts Of Life Before Life Sarah Hinze tells of the following:

"I was putting three-year-old Johnny to bed when he asked for a bedtime story. For the past few weeks, I had been telling him of the adventures of his great-great-grandfather: a colonizer, a soldier, a community leader.

As I started another story, Johnny stopped me and said, "No, tell me of Grandpa Robert."

I was surprised. This was my grandpa. I had not told stories of him, and I could not imagine where he had heard his name. He had died before I had even married.

"How do you know about Grandpa Robert?" I asked. "Well, Momma," he said with reverence, "he's the one who brought me to earth."

So I wonder, where you were before you were born?

Resource: Coming From The Light

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  1. Suzie09:13

    Never read anything like this before, never even thought about where I was before birth. Fascinating.

    1. It's definitely a fascinating subject.

  2. I'll have to get this book! I believe that we choose everything- our parents, the circumstances into which we're born, all of it. Maybe the person in the first story chose his/her parents but just didn't recall it. Intriguing material and an extraordinary recollection.

    1. I've also felt that we choose the the details of our birth but I'll try and do some more research.

  3. My son told me that when he was 3 or 4 yrs old he vividly remembered having a dream about being a fish under the water looking up to the surface. He said he saw me as a little girl and a man on the bank. He immediately knew I was going to be his mother. He was about 12 when he told me this. He was very serious when he related the dream to me. He asked me how would he know I was going to be his mother. I don't remember the context of what triggered his memory of this dream but he did say he never forgot it because it seemed so real.

    1. Thank you for your experience - that's interesting.

  4. Anonymous13:58

    Oh, I absolutely love this post. Thank you!

  5. Anonymous14:51

    In Jer. 1:5, God says, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you." This is a biblical implication that we existed in some form before we were born. There are numerous non-scriptural references to the pre-existence of our souls.

    1. Thanks I've used that in a post for 7th March.

  6. Anonymous15:58

    My daughter who is 7 has never eaten vegetables. Even as an infant with baby food...she would eat the meats, the fruits, the cereals, but never ever vegetables. To this day..she will not touch them. I do not force her to do so. At the age of 3, when we asked her one day, to just try them, she might actually like them.. (we even read her "Green Eggs and Ham".. she freaked us out. She told us "Before you were my mommy, I had a mean mommy, she lived in the woods, and I lived with her. We lived alone in the woods and she was very mean to me. She would make me eat green nasty stuff and it was really bad. I got to get away from her and then, I came to the hospital to be your baby. Mommy? I like you way better than my last mommy, your much nicer than she is." I have to post as anonymous, because I don't have any of the accounts shown..but, my name is Nicole :)

    1. Thank you Nicole for your story.

  7. Anonymous22:23

    Good evening everybody
    Like you can see my English is far to be perfect . How can I do to translate all these formidable articles in French ? Wish you a wonderful week-end