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Remembering Our Life Prior To Us Being Born

Before Birth Experience

I have had some response to my recent post Where We Were Before Birth: Our Before Birth Experience. This included reports of people who could remember something of the time prior to them being born.

Before I enlarge a little on the subject here are two further experiences. The first is from 'seagreen' who left the following comment.

"My son told me that when he was 3 or 4 years old he vividly remembered having a dream about being a fish under the water looking up to the surface. He said he saw me as a little girl and a man on the bank. He immediately knew I was going to be his mother.

He was about 12 when he told me this. He was very serious when he related the dream to me. He asked me how would he know I was going to be his mother. I don't remember the context of what triggered his memory of this dream but he did say he never forgot it because it seemed so real."

~ seagreen

The second Before Birth Experience is from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

"I was glad to read your blog as I have thought about my own experience of an awareness before birth. I have mentioned it briefly to others but they just write it off as imagination or a dream, but to me it was and is real.

What I remember is being with who I now know to be my great grandfather. I have seen photos of him and recognise him from these. We were together in a silver room along with a few other people, none of whom I knew. My great grandfather told me how he would stay with me as I was reborn.

I knew who my parents would be and that they were waiting for me. I felt apprehensive about a new life as I had been very happy where I was, but I cannot describe or remember any details of this. My only memory is of the silver room and the love of my great grandfather.

He told me it was now the time and I felt like I was surrounded by light.

It was when I was about six or seven that I remembered all of this following seeing a photo of my great grandfather. This somehow triggered the memories.

I know it all sounds unbelievable but I know I was somewhere prior to being born.

Thank you for writing about this."

Another comment left on my original post mentioned the Bible and how it indicates that our souls were there before we were born.

In Jer. 1:5, God says, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you." This is a biblical implication that we existed in some form before we were born. There are numerous non-scriptural references to the pre-existence of our souls.

Reading experiences such as these sort of makes sense. If, as many believe, there is a Heaven or an afterlife then it makes logical sense that there must also have been an existence before we started our stint on Earth. If we are indeed immortal then we must have also been around in the past - as we will be in the future. There is no beginning or end.

My own personal belief is that our 'souls' arrive with our first breath and leave with our last. As for our parents I've always been under the impression that we choose who we wish these to be. I can't say why I think this way or where these ideas came from.

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  1. Suzie09:17

    As with your previous post find all of this so fascinating, almost a whole new world!

    1. It's a world but not necessarily new!

  2. Great posts, Mike! For your readers who may want to read more about this topic: Carol Bowman's books Children's Past Lives and Return from Heaven are excellent. Richard Martini's Flipside: A Tourist's Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife is also a great read and informative.

    1. Thanks Trish and for the book recommends.

  3. Where's the 'like' button? ;) Fine work!

    1. Many thanks, there are some interesting posts on your blog too!

  4. Barry Eaton,who hosts "Radio Out-there",and just had the editor of NEXUS magazine mentioning Rob and Trish MacGregor at the 41:24 of the podcast,has a book called "Afterlife" which is about his regressed travels between lives,which is a very interesting read.

    You can here the latest podcast at this link -

    1. By the way,I'm listening to Rob and Trish on a live pod-cast now and your name was just mentioned Mike.They are talking about doppelgängers and your story in their book.
      Ain't life weird ?

    2. Yes, life is very weird. You couldn't make it up!