Sunday, March 30

You Can Have Too Many Beans In Life

Beans joke old picture

What's wrong with beans on a Thursday? Nothing, if you haven't been eating them continuously. As Francis Bacon said, "Nothing is pleasant that is not spiced with variety."

And that's life for you. It's about change. Change happens but we can also alter our lives, if they aren't quite perfect, by change.

Family at seaside

Mum and Dad who take their kids to the seaside for a few days and paddle in the ocean feel great. They'll say it's the sea and the sun that has done the trick. They are partly right but it is the change from the sameness pattern of everyday life that has worked the magic.

Sometimes we have to change and adjust to fully appreciate life. There's a special thrill about starting something new or going somewhere different.

That's all, just a few rambling thoughts!

Confucius saying

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