Sunday, April 15

Using The Law Of Change To Our Advantage


Ernest Holmes (1887 – 1960) was the founder of the worldwide Religious Science Movement. His magnum opus, The Science of Mind,has been in continuous print since 1926.

Having read a few of his works over the years I agree with some aspects of his teachings, about change for example.

Change is a natural law, everything has to change. I believe that - to a great extent - we create our lives and circumstances so it makes sense that our thoughts, words and actions should be of a positive nature. This way, in theory, our lives will change for the better. It's up to us to make the future we want. This is what Ernest Holmes has said on this subject:

"There are going to be changes in our lives from hour to hour and day by day, and we cannot escape them. It is the nature of the Universe. Let us accept change, make the most of it, and capitalize on it. The action of the Law never changes, but the direction of the action is always up to us. Life can become a glorious adventure, increasingly filled with more of every good thing as we gradually or suddenly come to change our pattern of thinking so that it embraces more of those good things.

Life can become fun, an experience of continual expectancy. For as we change our thought today we can change the undesirable aspects of our health, relationships, and affairs into ones more to our liking tomorrow.

We are going to change, and that is wonderful for who would want things to stay eternally the same regardless of what they are. We would soon become so bored and fed up that we would lose all desire to live. We should be eager for change, look forward to it, but let us be sure the change is for the better. And this we can do with ease by the simple process of maintaining our pattern of thought in conformity with what we know the nature of God must be - the ultimate Good in and as all things."

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    1. Must try and write something more controversial!

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