Sunday, June 15

Father's Day Synchronicity

Me and Darren

It's Father's Day and my son is on holiday in Ibiza. I sent him a text this morning to say thank you for a card and present he had left for me. He sent a text to me wishing me a Happy Day and telling me that he was sitting on the beach with his son and daughter in the sunshine.

Both of the texts were timed at exactly 9.45 a.m. on my phone.

Synchronicity - guess we are still well connected!

The photo is from the long past when Darren was about two or three and I was .... gosh!


  1. I always assumed Father's Day would be celebrated on the same day world wide like Christmas Day,but in Australia Father's Day is in September and Mother's Day is in May.
    Your son has a great name too,in my books Mike.
    Hope you both enjoy your day in the sun.
    I'll have to wait until September over in this part of the world.

    1. UK and US have same Father's Day but different Mothers Day. We've actually had some 'real' sunshine over the last few days.

  2. Suzie14:11

    Ah, that's a nice coincidence. Like the photo ;)

  3. Happy Father's Day! Love the photo of you and Darren! nd a cool synchro, Mike.