Monday, June 16

The Cornwall Coincidence

South coast of Cornwall
I came across this coincidence story from the author Liz Fenwick by 'chance'. As her books are based in Cornwall - where I live - I felt compelled to publish her story.

"This is a rather long coincidence story that I will try and make short. It involves a photo, friends, a pig farmer, and Cornwall.

Back in 1987 I was working at a large insurance agency in Boston, MA when a new employee started. She was from England and we hit it off, becoming close friends. This was before email and digital pictures became common place and she received a letter and some snaps from her best friend in London.

I glanced at the photos of a group of friends at a ball in Cambridgeshire. There was one picture that remained in my mind of a man in a dinner jacket walking down a grand stair case.

Jump ahead two years and I have moved to London and am living with my friend’s best friend in Clapham. It’s the first May bank holiday (I’ve been sharing a flat for five days) and she has a blind date with a pig farmer for tea at the Basil Street Hotel.

She takes me along for a wine drenched lunch on the Kings Road beforehand. Waiting for us at the table is the man from the picture, but I don’t realise that right away. The pig farmer and my friend didn’t work out but a month later the man in the dinner jacket took me to Cornwall for the first time and I lost my heart to both - Cornwall and to him.

If I hadn’t met him (now my husband) I might never have made it to Cornwall and never been inspired to write and The Cornish House, A Cornish Affair and A Cornish Stranger would never have happened!"

- Liz Fenwick

Liz Fenwick on Amazon UK
Liz Fenwick on Amazon USA

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  1. Whew, it was definitely meant to be!

  2. I was listening to a similar story on Barry Eaton's
    "Radio Out There" program about
    Emily Chantiri and her book "The Voice of Intuition".
    It starts at about the 50 minute mark of the audio recording.

  3. I love stories like this!