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White Feathers As Messages From The Dead Stories

White feather from the dead

Okay, so I don't overdose readers about my Malta trip here are three white feather stories that were waiting for me on my return. The first writer wishes to remain anonymous.

"I have just had the strangest experience.

I was out walking with my mum and we happened to walk through a cemetery. We were just chatting when we noticed a white feather falling from a very empty sky.

The fact that we commented on it is strange as we go walking a lot and often see feathers falling. This feather didn't just fall it began to float horizontally away from us above the gravestones.

My mum said it would be strange if it landed on a gravestone. I said it would be really weird if it was the grave of someone we knew.

The feather then landed on the grave of my great-great-grandparents, but we didn't even know they were buried in that cemetery.

We both found it a very emotional experience.

It is also my mum's birthday tomorrow and her mum's will was finalised today.

Something even stranger though is that there is a psychic night being held in the pub where my great great-grandparents lived, in two days time.

Both me and my mum are not big believers but there is no getting away from the fact that someone wanted to tell us something. I'm just not sure what the message is."

"My sister passed away 4 weeks ago after a short illness, we were by her side when she died. The following day my dad found a white feather by her front door and my mum found one in her kitchen. We have found about a dozen so far including one that floated down past me to the floor in my mum's house.

She was a beautiful woman who left a little 16 month old baby.

I know she's at peace and she's telling us she's okay"


"Paradise lost. My Mom. Prettiest, nicest, sweetest, smartest, kindest soul you could ever meet. And she's gone. I'm not sure why. And I'm supposed to go on. I'm not sure how.

She and I shopped and got a lot of our Christmas shopping done. We had a ball. Then I had to "celebrate" Christmas without her. What a tremendous loss. She was an angel on earth and now she's an angel in Heaven.

Feathers make their way into my presence almost everyday. She still helps me in life without even physically being here. Lights flicker when my sis and I sit at our table. Courtney and I had the exact same dream about her at the same time one night. Just us three walking. In a cottage somewhere. Outside. Green grass.

She made my life worth living. Now I have to be strong for my 2 boys: 1 & 4 years old. At least she got to meet them. And love them. I hope they remember her - at least her love she has for them. She was 69.

I miss you, Marmy."

Love, Tate

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  1. These are beautiful stories! The white weather phenomenon is so comforting.

    1. Yes, comforting is the right word.

  2. Suzie15:50

    So many of these white feather stories, they must be helpful to the people concerned.

    1. At the very least it gives hope.