Saturday, June 7

Street Art Or Graffiti In Malta

Street art Sliema Malta

Walking one evening while in Malta I saw the above street art as we crossed the road at a pedestrian crossing in Sliema.  The fish eating, or swallowing the man's head amused me as, of course, did the name 'Perry' underneath.

Graffiti in Malta

During our stay we discovered a further selection of street art - or some would call it graffiti. Some of it is excellent. Most were on walls but the final example was on a kind of large electrical box and as I took the photo two policemen on motorbikes slowed down to see what I was doing - as they couldn't see the picture from the road. I must have a suspicious look about me!

Street art in Sliema

Thee three blue pictures were all together, perhaps the artist is concerned that Malta is sinking below the sea. The one above though reminded me of my grandson, as we have a photo of him swimming under water when he was just a few months old.

Graffiti in Sliema

Street art in Malta

Crow street art in Malta

Maltese street art

Maltese grafitti

Love is strange street art

And I guess, love can be strange.

That's it for today.

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  1. These paintings are terrific! These artists should be commissioned to do more street art! And how funny about the fish and your name beneath it!

    1. It was the 'Perry' bit that got me looking for more street art.

  2. Great artwork Mike.
    In my hometown Brisbane artworks are commissioned for electrical boxes,telephone poles and freeway barriers.
    Which makes it a little more appealing to the eye when passing what normally would be rather bland looking objects of suburbia.

    1. I remember the photo of your telephone pole. In the right place street art adds something to a place.