Thursday, October 2

The New Neighbours Coincidence

Cartoon neighbours

A short coincidence story illustrating the links we have may have with other people.

A girlfriend of mine is splitting up property with her ex. She decides to surrender their main house for a smaller one they own in a different neighborhood some distance away. She's concerned by the possible lack of friends and support in the new neighborhood.

Discussing it with an acquaintance, he says he has a friend that lives two doors down from her new place. Bingo, instant neighbor.

Another friend reports a professional contact within two blocks of the new house.

Finally, her aunt is able to connect her to yet another friend in the new neighborhood.

Seems like a sign ... and my friend is prepared to move, encouraged by such a series of coincidences that lead her to social contacts in her newly chosen place.

P.S. We're in Southern California, where you can live in a suburb for years and never know your neighbors. So moving into a strange new neighborhood and already connected to new neighbors is remarkable indeed!

- Liz Sutherland

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1 comment:

  1. Good one! It sure looks as if all the signs are there for a positive move.