Friday, June 27

The Synchronicity That Follows From Talking To Strangers

Communicating with others

Yesterday's post, The Coincidence Of Being Influenced As To Where To Park Your Car was about a coincidence which resulted from two strangers meeting up and talking to each other.

Shadow left a comment asking:

"... you think maybe if more people just spoke to the (strangers) people around them, that this might occur more often?"

My answer to this is, "Most definitely!"

Often when people are thrown together there can be a reason. Either they may have a message of some sort for us or vice versa. But if we don't talk to them the connection is lost.

James Redfield, the author of The Celestine Prophecy, said that: "Everyone we encounter has a message for us." I don't think that this is necessarily correct but there are times when we may feel that we should communicate with someone - and we should then follow our instinct to do so.

Redfield also says that, "It's vitally important to remember to stay alert for the people with whom we need to connect." He suggests we , "... watch for spontaneous eye contact with others, or a feeling of familiarity. A person might remind us of someone we know, and this intuition is a prompt to explore the meaning of the connection. What can this person tell us in regard to our current question(s)?"

A lot of synchronicity follows on from talking to someone else.

I realise that this isn't easy for everyone to do. My wife is much better at talking to strangers than I am. She does it naturally whereas I have to make the effort to do so. But I've always felt the feelings or signs that others give off. I can remember right from a child sitting on a bus opposite someone and feeling their sorrow and thinking I should be doing something to help them.

We should listen to our feelings and instincts. If someone seems to energise us, there could well be something of mutual benefit. But if someone drains us then it's maybe time to move away.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that there is a magical world out there full of synchronicity and goodness to help us on our way. If, that is, we communicate with those who touch upon our lives, even briefly. They may have something to help us on our way. Or maybe we can help them, after all, what we give out we get back.

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  1. Thanks Mike, appreciate it. I, as you, don't talk to strangers easily, but have developed a keen sense and 'feel' moods and emotions very easily. I have on occasion acted it them, and there was always a story to tell.

    1. I like to be guided, where possible, by feelings or intuition and act on these. Though sometimes they don't appear to turn into anything worthwhile, sometimes they do.

  2. Suzie09:01

    I get that Mike. I can see why we should talk to strangers. No doubt the Internet helps as well.

    1. I'm sure the Internet is great for all sorts of synchronicity and coincidences.

  3. Talking to strangers when you feel an urge to do so can definitely be worthwhile- for either or both of you. And yes, the internet certainly facilitates synchros!

    1. And to think we used to be told that we shouldn't talk to strangers. Mind you that was when I was a child!

  4. Anonymous01:23

    The last two months, there has been much talk of synchronicity between my friends and I. Interesting I happened to stumble upon your articles today, whilst looking for reading material. Truly some fascinating reading here, thanks much!!

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I've found that the more you talk about synchronicity the more it comes into your life.