Friday, October 10

Tread Softly Or Damage The Robe Of Many Colours


For a long time now I have believed that our actions, words and thoughts react on other people. They can start off a chain of good or bad.

If we get angry with someone or a situation, for example, this will be passed on to others in a chain reaction. We may not have meant to do this, but unintentionally we can set off a reaction of good or bad. that passes from person to person, situation to situation.

I guess, therefore, we have to be careful as to what we say or do to others and tread softly.

What made me think of this today was because I came across a poem in a very old book. I don't know who wrote it, the credit in the book is simply given as 'Chela'. In Hindi this is a version of the word celaa which means disciple or pupil.

Tread Softly

Tread softly, softly, softly,
You are on holy ground
And the earth wherein you walk
Is bathed in light;
For the fabric of creation
Is most wonderfully weaved
In a seamless robe of splendour and delight.

'Tis made of love to unify
The warring sons of men
So tear it not by judgements harshly given;
For any angry, careless word
Will break a loving thread
And rents are formed by thoughtless criticism.

Then nought but countless hours of pain
And discords hardly borne
Will to the soul its waywardness reveal,
And many a tear will flow before
The eyes can see to sew
With new found threads of love, the rent to heal.

There is but one great sin for men
- The sin against his brother,
Against the holy love which binds
Each life-form to the other.
The rending of the fabric
The tearing thoughtlessly
Of the robe of many colours
Which is love's unity.

~ Chela

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  1. How ironic but when I came to the end of your shared poem, my mind thought, "selah."- a word often at the end of a Psalm. It denotes the crashing of a cymbal. So yes, the sharing here did resonate with me... and remembering that everything old is new again. (Whether a coat or robe off many colours.)

    1. Maybe that is the meaning of Chela in this case - the crashing of a symbol. I've never heard that definition before - interesting!

  2. Beautiful poem, with so much truth in those words.

  3. Very wise and lovely.