Thursday, October 9

A Walk Along The Coast In Tenerife

Kiln in Tenerife Canary Islands

It's nice to get away from built up areas so (while in Tenerife) we headed for a track along by the sea. We saw very few people, mostly other walkers, so could enjoy the Atlantic and the distant hills in  peace and quiet.

At the start of our walk there was an old building of some sort (photo above). I never did find out what it had been but was most likely a kiln of some sort.

Atlantic Sea Tenerife

When we looked inland there were the mountains ...

Mountains in west Tenerife

... and loads of banana plantations - the green crops in the photos above and below.

Mountains of Tenerife

The volcanic sand was dark, almost jet black in places ...

Tenerife, Canary Islands

... but was a pleasing contrast to the white waves.

Black sand on Tenerife beach

As we walked further the scenery became more barren.

Mountains of Tenerife

A disused wall, once the boundary of a banana plantation, became a frame for the island of Gomera, seen in the distance.

Gomera Canary Isalnds

The sea turned a brighter shade of blue, as the temperature rose, and contrasted with the red sails of a yacht passing by, with Gomera in the background.

Tourist sailing boat looking out to Gomera, Canary Islands

I think we actually walked a bit too far that day on such a hot day. But it made me really appreciated the cold beer I had when we finally returned to our hotel.

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  1. Quite the place of contrasts. The beauty is breathtaking.

  2. Suzie09:12

    Beautiful, I think that sums it up.

  3. Really lovely. Quite a varied landscape with a bit of everything I'd say! I enjoy the travel photos.

  4. The colors are incredibly vivid. Really gorgeous.