Wednesday, November 5

The Quarter Jack Looking Down From The Tower Of Wimborne Church

Quarter Jack at Winborne Church
Quarter Jack at Wimborne Minster Church, Dorset
Last weekend we travelled to Wimborne in Dorset for a friends' Golden Anniversary dinner party and stayed at the 200 year old King's Head Hotel.

Tower at Wimborne church showing position of Quarter Jack
Showing where the Quarter Jack is positioned
We wandered around the small town of Wimborne and visited the church where we spotted the Quarter Jack, photos above, high up in the church tower. The fellow is part of an old clock thought to date back to the early 1300s.

The working's of the clock have been updated, well sort of, as this was way back in the mid 1700s. Originally the soldier figure was of a monk but this was changed in Napoleonic times to that of a Grenadier Guard.

There are no hands on the actual clock, it's an astrological design, with the sun in the middle of the face showing the time. As for the Quarter Jack he pops out and rings the bells every quarter of an hour.

Wimborne Church, Dorset
Wimborne Church
The photos below are of the King's Head Hotel in Wimborne where we stayed. Our room was where the light is switched on, to the left of the picture, on the second floor.

King's Head hotel Wimborne Minster, Dorset

The hotel had an archway entrance at the side which led to a small car park. I imagine that stagecoaches, with their horses, would have once entered though here.

Car park entrance to King's Head, Wimborne

We had an enjoyable time and the party was full of positivity and appreciation. Unfortunately, however, I didn't spot any ghosts or things that go bump in the night despite the history of Wimborne.

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  1. Wonderful pictures and descriptions!

  2. This place looks great! Now, did you just happen to turn on the lights for your room and everyone else turned theirs off?! Thanks for the plug, Mike. I does look like the kind of place where ghosts might hang out!

    1. As if I'd turn the lights on like that ... It was a great place and the building is protected so well preserved.

  3. I love those old clocks, Germany also has a bunch of interesting ones... Wonderful day you had ��

    1. I've seen some of those German clocks (my wife was born in Germany),

  4. Love the little soldier. What an elegant entryway for a vehicle.